LagrangeII 3 (15), Yuru Yuri 4, Horizon II 3, Driland 3

Rinne no Lagrange II 3 (or 15) doesn’t tell us anything that we haven’t already guessed, but it tells it in the show’s usual, entertaining way.

C’mon girls, cheer up! It can’t be all bad! Well, it CAN, but, well, nevermind.

Olympics are starting soon, and I’ve been hearing endless reports about corporate greed, police-state mentality, missiles on houses, etc.; meanwhile little Kamogawa is hosting an intergalactic conference for chrissakes, and the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care. There are no superpower reps throwing their weight around, nothing I can see is cut off from the average townsperson or tourist. Everyone’s having a good time apart from Lan and Muginami, worried about their brothers and warring galactic empires, as I suppose they should. Asteria is worried too after seeing the data Lan gave her involving the experiments they ran on her. But she thinks if she can prove the Vox’s power can be used for peaceful purposes then it won’t be used for war. Absurd, especially after hearing Lan’s brother talk about “no mercy,” but for us it means we get to see Madoka undergo the same psychic stress test Lan underwent! Yay!

I’m not sure I understand exactly what happened during the test but it was fun to watch Asteria get suggestive with Madoka to raise her, er, stress levels. After that I just enjoyed the light show. Yurikano’s ghost or something appears but this time she’s really pissed off, and nasty-looking glowing red mecha appear, there’s something like a tumor in the sky … not the most cheerful cosmic light show I’ve ever seen, but fun to watch nonetheless. Too bad it all goes away before we get any answers apart from “opening the Rinne is BAD!” Well, that’s one opinion. Next week looks to be lots of dark talk between the princes and a lot of sister-angst.

Yuru Yuri II 4 … I don’t know why but one of the things in the show I find the most funny is the Nishigaki/Rise combination. The former goes off on a happy story about explosions and the latter responds with something we can’t hear. Maybe it’s because the explosion stuff is usually funny and topping with a girl who makes no noise at all is just absurd enough to get me going. Or something. The other thing that made me laugh was how Kyouko managed to eat the rum raisin ice cream she had given Ayano, who had been treasuring it ever since. There’s some moral there, maybe about eating gifts when they come to you. Or something about unrequited love. Well, who cares? I suppose the gas mask bit went on too long, but I liked the noises the voice actress made when their characters wore them. Three funny bits. That’s a pretty good episode.

A more straightforward episode of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II than usual. The biggest scene had to do with Bertoni negotiating the sale of meat to the Brits before the Spanish Armada invades, which we learned earlier will be upon the execution of Double Bloody Mary (Marys Tudor and Stewart combined–can’t wait to meet her). The negotiation for time are complicated further by a school festival and the fact that the meat will go bad in two weeks. At one point, after some spectacular bowing, the two parties actually switch sides. Eleven days, meaning the meat must be consumed in four. This is the sort of exciting content I watch anime for. Earlier, Tenzo and cloak-guy meet again and go to tidy up a graveyard by ordering little rodents to clean up the swords stuck in the ground as markers. And they talk about Double Bloody Mary, the execution, the fact that she couldn’t pull out Excalibur Caliburn, you know, Brit talk. Oh, cloak guy trips and is revealed as a busty blonde. Elsewhere, Suzu(?) hears a loud bell in London and is later appointed to be ambassador, or something. What else? … Oh, in Spain we learn that Munshige’s severing of Tachibana’s limbs has allowed her to lead a normal life. Back on Musashi, Toori is at least wearing a loincloth now. As I said, pretty straightforward for this show.

I’m going to give Tanken Driland one more episode. The lesson this week was about valuing your comrades, something which Wallens doesn’t agree with, so guess who gets stranded in a spider web? Well, Pollons does too, but he’d do it no matter what the lesson is. What few moments of fun there were to be had were fizzled away by bits like Pollons taking forever to pull the trigger, or stupidly going off after something that everyone (excluding Mikoto and Wallens, who really ought to know better by now. They just stand around.) knows is a trap set by something nasty. We get a new character next week, so I’ll hang around just in case.

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