Quick fours: Natsuyuki, Moyashimon, Binbougami

You can see how much they’re enjoying it.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous 4, once again, has them getting absolutely nowhere, well, at least until the very end. Ryuusuke and Rokka go on a date to an amusement park where, as Ryusuuke says, he tries his best but doesn’t get anywhere. Part of the date reminds Rokka of the time she and Shimao went to the same place… bad choice of location, Ryuusuke! On the other hand, Rokka’s memories show that the living Shimao was a bit of a stick-in-the-mud; not everything he did pleased her, not that that matters to her, but it might pan out later. The only interesting part comes at the end when Ryusuuke drunkenly agrees to let Shimao use his body. Frankly it doesn’t bode well for the next episode; what’s he going to do to the poor, bewildered girl who knows nothing about what’s going on? Finally, what was that bit about at the end with the younger, glowing Rokka appearing before Shimao, er, Ryusuuke, geez … I get enough of this with Kokoro Connect …

Hasegawa’s having even less fun than the Natsuyuki couple.

Meanwhile Moyashimon Returns 4 slips in a couple major events amongst the lectures (liquor stores as representatives of towns, the changes a barrel can make to fermentation, and the advantages of having a non-assertive guy around to keep drunks in line). These events would be huge in some other show but don’t feel that way here. I kind of figure Hasegawa will be flying back to her research soon, but not soon enough; her arranged fiancee is a tool. I’m hoping she has the opportunity to beat him up before the story line is out. The question is how will this story pan out? I’m looking forward to what Itsuki plans to do; she did promise to buy him some cheese, after all. As for the other big story, Sawaki’s revelation about the microbes to Oikawa … well, what would YOU do if someone told you they can see microbes? Crises in this show are often just go away, or are laughed away.

Not a couple at all.

While I was happy that this week’s Binbougami Ga! wasn’t about Ichiko meeting a little doggy and then losing him as the preview suggested, the doggy being a dog god planted there to do Momiji’s work for her, it still wasn’t a very good episode. It was fine up to a point. Momou the masochistic dog god, tries to steal her good fortune a few times with the typical slapstick failures. But his internal monologue wasn’t very interesting at all, and then we get an extended “maybe she isn’t so bad after all” scene which sucked the life out of the story. We get some screaming and naked-bathtub-wielding near the end but it’s too late to bring the episode to life. And when I said earlier that the show needed more characters I meant INTERESTING ones, not this cliché dog character.

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