Hmm, what shall I drop? Campione! 4, Space Bros 18, Muv-Luv 5, SOA 4

I have got to drop some shows. I am watching way too many. But the ones I’m still watching haven’t given me any reason to give up on them. There’s something just a little too interesting, something that makes me want to come back every week.

That’s the trouble with this show. Too much talk.

Here’s one of them: Campione!. Today we get the prophecy of Alice coming true, that starless night business. Athena is hunting for that talisman, Mariya is trying to protect it, though there’s no way she really can, and Gogou and Erica are rushing to the scene, whatever that scene happens to be. It would have made more sense to keep the talisman close to Gogou since he’s the one defending it and all … But this way we get not only a run-and-talk scene but a “call me and I will come” moment between Mariya and Godou which even Erica doesn’t mind. As long as she’s top priority she has no problems sharing her man. So there’s a battle, and more talk during it, because there’s a lot of lore about Athena and they have to bet though it all in order for Godou to win, which, of course, he does. Nothing very exciting about any of it. I should be able to drop it, but I can’t resist the preview for the next episode, which is apparently all about girls throwing themselves at Godou.

I won’t drop Space Brothers. I have given the show too much attention and energy to do that, but if they don’t get out of that pod soon I may change my mind. The biggest moments of the show involve Kenji in pod B, and that total jerk of a teammate, Mizoguchi, who suggests that he withdraw from consideration. Kenji’s a good man, but he spends too much time blaming himself for things the rest of the team are equally responsible for, like unity. Because he feels he hasn’t brought the team together, that it was somehow his responsibility, he takes this thought seriously. Okay, well, there’s also the thought of a long space mission and not seeing his daughter grow up. As for his realization that her cute word actually meant “good luck,” so what? She’s still too young to fully understand what it means. Well, it gets him fired up again, so I guess it’s okay. Meanwhile Mutta’s green card is to make funny noises in front off the others twice a day, the only card of the batch that forces a person to publicly make a fool of himself. The guy just can’t get a break. Next week … more pod business, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Bridges in a typical pose.

One show I will drop is Muv-Luv Alternative. After a poor first episode and a shocking one after that the whole thing has become a mecha top gun with some racial/cultural angst thrown on top. While I’ll watch mecha shows I’m by no means the type to seek them out, and this one is nothing special. In episode 5 Bridges bitches some more about the flaky Japanese TSFs and gets lectures on learning to respect the machine and use it to his advantage, stuff he should have realized two episodes ago and the others apparently already knew. He also didn’t seem to make the connection that many of the people around him don’t smile a lot because, you know, their countries got overrun and eaten by aliens. When some of this does get through to him it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a boring character. His teammates are more cultural stereotypes, apart from Tarisa, who apparently comes from some weird anime-girl planet. And Takamura has gone from plucky main character to bitter boss and romance-fodder. Dropped.

After a good episode or two Sword Art Online has began to drift a little. I was hoping it would pay more attention to the main story arc, where the players scramble to reach the 100th level and learn why the hell they were stuck there in the first place, but last week and this we got stand-alones about people Kirito meet along the way. At least this week’s is happier. You never really worried about Kirito or Silica, the girl he helps. Whenever there’s some danger he looks more amused than worried. Little is made of the fact that he used her as bait to get rid of another player, but since he was helping her out I guess it’s only fair. But while we learn some more about the societies that are forming in that MMRPG, and a bit of background on Kirito’s sister/cousin (hah?), we still don’t see enough of the big picture or what makes Kirito tick. But I’m sticking with the series because, whatever they choose to do each week, they usually do it well. They’ll have to get to the big story sooner or later, right?

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