Lagrange 17, Tari Tari 6, Hyouka 16

I wish all state addresses were this weird.

Rinne no Lagrange 17 (or whatever) feels like the episode before a season-ending finale. We got the ship falling apart, Madoka and Yurikano having a fistfight, the other girls doing espionage, those three former bad guys rushing there in their Vox, and the girls’ own Voxes have taken off with no pilots. We even had Dizel giving a crazy grin while things fall apart around him. The buildup was pretty good, too. For a couple of minutes I had bought into Lan’s apparent treachery, even after Muginami had given that sly look before breaking out of her cell. It took Lan’s ridiculous speech to make me realize that they had planned the whole thing. What a great way to do it, the fear for Madoka dissolving as the speech got more and more surreal.

As for Madoka, of course she’d try to sneak off to see Yurikano. I’m assuming Dizel might have expected it; he had already shown that he was a master of manipulation at the dinner, turning Madoka to his side. I’m a little disappointed in Madoka that she allowed him to carry through his actions, to switch her with Yurikano, without raising her suspicions. On the other hand, it got her what she wanted, too. She got to meet the real Yurikano. I can’t speak for the latter’s actions on that asteroid or planet, but it ought to be clear by now that she didn’t succeed in resolving the conflict, at least as far as Dizel is concerned. So why not bring her back in Madoka’s body, or vice versa. It can only add to the craziness next week.

Tari Tari 6 continues the story of Wakana’s healing process, and while it’s earnestly done and moving at times there isn’t much to say about it. There are excellent touches, like the rest of the choir singing along to her mother’s tape, but the rest of it is routine. She gets the right messages from the right people at the right time, like everyone knew Wakana would have this crisis, rather like her dad saved the notes for that song (and the keychain, and the piano …). But as usual for this show, scenes are given a lift through little moments, like her dad asking the cat where Wakana is, or Takahashi asking her to bring gelato.

In Hyouka 16, why didn’t Ibara go and show the “Corpse by Evening” manga to the doubters in her club first thing? That bothered me the moment she saw the book, while I was excited about what she would do the moment *I* saw it. Oh, well, she has her own mystery to solve, I guess. Meanwhile, after three episodes where it was all or mostly festival and no mystery, now it’s all mystery. There are clues flying around everywhere and everyone is a suspect, even Houtarou’s sister, who obviously knows more about what’s going on than she’s letting on. To just drop THAT book on Houtarou! What is her connection? Does she know Anshinin Takuha?

Each line in the manga notes seemed loaded with significance. It made Houtarou’s chat with Satoshi a bit superfluous, since he was basically repeating the same insights I had earlier. He’ll go a step farther than I can, since I don’t know enough about the language to understand the connections he’s bound to make, but that will have to wait until next week. This story’s going for yet another episode, too long, I think. We’ve seen Satoshi try to get the culprit his way and fail, Eru’s little more than errand-girl now, though I suspect her radio appearance will stir things up. Iraba’s got her own issues. We’re basically waiting for Houtarou to start his deep thinking (and the surreal imagery that always comes with it) and the answer. But I could have said that last week.

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