Four very silly shows

Let’s start with perhaps the silliest.

A lot of fighting in Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 17. Five of our numerous heroes wind up in a spell that pits them against some of England’s finest, and if any one of them loses the winner gets to challenge Toori, who’s still on that date of his. Let’s see (checks notes) … Futaya fights Sir Walter Raleigh, while Masazumi meets some death-thing … I think those battle are still ongoing as the episode ends. Ulquiaga meets Nicholas Bacon, Naito the sleepy witch meets Hawkins and Cavendish in an underwater battle (where she can’t speak her spells. Oh, No!), while Malga meets Drake, a werewolf, though they have tea first and discuss the fact that Joan of Arc might have been saved from burning by a unit of werewolves, which passes for a conspiracy theory in this show. We also learn that his wife is a serial killer. Oh, and that other girl faces F. Walshingham. And one other, on the soccer pitch. Well, whatever.

Malga attacks England’s justice.

They’re the usual type of battles. The Brits have the advantage at first but the Musashis or Japanese or whatever later pull out some stunts of their own. A couple even win, or at least draw. Ulquiaga, though temporarily stymied by the fact that Bacon is actually a fairy, has the battle spell canceled out, when a spectator “snaps out of it.” Naito defeats Hawkins by using his jets and the air trapped in her cleavage to breath out some spells. Drake has England’s justice on his side, but Malga gets bailed out by Tachibana, who claims that only Spain can beat Musashi up. The other battles are ongoing. This is better than the Olympics! No, it isn’t … Oh, former Cloak Girl is going to show Tenzo something amazing next episode.

Just a giant cat fighting a giant … whateveritis.

Underneath, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita might be just a critique of modern technological and consumerist culture using a fanciful setting, but episode 6 buries us under so much weirdness that you can’t see the allegory, just slime that turned into a giant cat fighting a shelled creature composed of fairies, whichis fine with me. It’s also clear that the creators never saw the original Star Trek movie, not that it matters. And beneath it all, what was the point of this story? The possibility that mankind has declined because we lost our ability to explore, to leave our warm homes, like P-Girl and O-Boy did? Have mankind become soft and complacent? And is that supposed to reflect on our own situation now? Even after we just launched a rocket that launched a hovering thing that dropped a dune buggy on another planet? Well, I don’t think we’ve declined yet. And as I said, the episode had too much fun in it for me to pick it apart looking for clues. I wonder if the creators would want me to, anyway ..

Yuru Yuri II 6 goes to Comiket for the usual scenes of Chinatsu freaking out small children with her inappropriate Mirakurun battle cries, and on the whole everyone manages to have a good time, even Yui. The mock mirakurun show that starts the episode off looked exactly like, er, that other anime series a few seasons ago. I can’t remember the name now. It had that one girl and that other one, and … forget it. Anyway, the YuruYuri thing was funnier. The last bit with the conversation box might as well not have been there.

Speaking of giant cats …

Joshiraku 4 … Not really notable for anything much except Marii takes more abuse than usual. First Genkyou keeps slugging her in order to prove a point about wearing glasses. They discuss the balance of glasses-wearers to non, a cheap shot is fired at the artist, hot pots, and nipple-touching also enter into it. Done with glasses for awhile, they board a train (we are never told where they are going) and there’s a lively talk about how to cure nausea. Some fun is had when they get off outside Comiket and we can play “spot the character” with the cosplayers, who are all walking out of the building as if in a trance. Come to think of it, Marii suffered no abuse in this section. It’s Kukuru who gets sick. In the last section, about what the moon looks like, she is abducted by a rabbit who then apparently smells her ass. We also learn the diameter of both the moon and the Tokyo Dome, but I’ve forgotten it now.

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