Sixes: Natsuyuki, Moyashimon, Binbougami

Who’s back?

I have nothing concrete to say about Natsuyuki Rendezvous 6, instead all I have are questions. It’s not fair play for Shimao to inhabit Ryuusuke’s body and make moves on her in the first place, but is it really fair to present to Rokka a combination of the two? Rokka’s falling faster for this dual attack, even declaring her love at the end of the episode, but who is she falling in love with? Shimao is also pondering this problem while he says things to her that he would have said when he still was alive, getting responses, but knowing on the other hand that she is now responding to whom she thinks is Ryuusuke. And that includes her surprise and hesitation when he tries something Ryuusuke wouldn’t dare to do. It’s a little pathetic to see him in this situation. Meanwhile Ryuusuke is still hanging out in fairy-land, now converted to Little Mermaid mode (meanwhile Rokka picks up a copy at the library, but after that imagery had started. I’m not sure how that works into anything. And finally, how long is this body switching charade going to go on? In terms of their future happiness it’s not fair to any of them.

The advantages of tenure.

I suppose Hasegawa will eventually return to her beloved university in Moyashimon Returns, but as for me I was having too much fun watching all the illuminating cultural events at the harvest festival. The daytime, public activities are bizarre enough with the pulque and slaughtering chickens in front of entire families, or the relatively innocuous appearance of idol Taka Kyoko, and Oikawa and Kei posing for pictures, but the nighttime events for students and faculty make me want to actually enroll in that school. Kaoru and Takuma’s special pre-chewed sake was the perfect topper, but my favorite bit was the way in which associate professors can get tenure even if they are voted down by the full professors. Every time they switch to Hasegawa moping in France the fun drops. For one thing it isn’t like her to be so powerless, and for another, nothing happens. So now that they have the cash for a ticket maybe that side of the story will liven up. I’m going to miss the festival, though.

The wrap-up of Binbougami Ga!‘s two-parter wasn’t as bad as I had feared. It went smoothly, Ichiko coming to the rescue with the tools she had acquired from Bobby, and Momiji’s pointing out that she’s a god of misfortune, not of death. It was actually sweet, with Keita’s family crying their eyes out and all. It was actually tolerable. But enough of that; this show is better at being crazy and finally we get some, though I’m not at all sure what that handkerchief thing was all about. You can explain it away if she’s indeed falling for Keita, or she was going through a funk because of the “he has everything I don’t and vice versa” business, but they also suggested the near-impossibility that he would actually recognize her as that little girl … Ack, I’m tired. Bring back the violence.

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