Kokoro 6, Tari Tari 7, Bananas have increased 7

In Kokoro Connect 6, Dung Beetle, er, Balloon Vine has apparently gotten bored with the body switching and has something even nastier set up for our poor victims. With the body switching, at least the kids were aware of what was going on and deal with the problem rationally, but now that their bodies “act on impulse,” they’ve lost that. They can try to adapt but when they’re in unfettered mode they have absolutely no control. This must be terrifying. And it’s not just when the blood boils over something that happens, like Yui beating the shit out of some jerk boys. Everyone has a bad memory that can trigger irrational thoughts at any time, usually laughed away or pushed aside with irritation. And, as Inaba quickly discovers, you run the risk of revealing too much of yourself (in her case, almost literally). The episode tries to make this scene comic, which I think is a mistake, considering the humiliation she undergoes. And so much for Balloon Vine’s promise that he would not actually harm the kids. He’s put them in a situation where they could harm anyone, including themselves, at any time, and they have no way to stop it. I’m still waiting for Inaba to think of a way to kill him.

On the other hand, Lori has decided to turn this into an opportunity to find out who she really is. I think she’s barking up the wrong tree. I still believe this multiple personality issue she feels she has is more common than she thinks. Besides, apart from some charming mood swings she really hasn’t exhibited much of that on the show. Her own moment of released impulses was pretty harmless: she called up Taichi to talk about their relationship. I actually think she might be the most normal character in the show. … I’m not looking forward to seeing what damage the kids will do to themselves and each other next week.

Guess which character is the most worried.

Now that Wakana has worked things out and she’s an eager participant of the choir/badminton club, Tari Tari 7 dithers around, planting little plot seeds for later, before deciding that Sawa is going to be our next crisis-girl. It’s not the most exciting crisis: she wants keep doing things with horses rather than focus on a safer and duller career, so we get lots of tense dinners with her father, not to mention appetite loss, the telltale sign for the others that something’s up with her, well, that and the fainting spell. But as usual the show is so clever with the direction and dialogue that these moments are bearable. Her scenes are mixed in with those of the upcoming cultural festival and whatever the apparently evil chairman is planning to do with the school next. A typical episode that bounces along happily until from the shock cliffhanger (which I’m actually a little relieved by, since it means Sawa’s decision might have been made for her and we can avoid more grumbling meal scenes) though Wein’s sheer idiocy in believing that there’s a rhino under the school struck a false note.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 7 … I don’t what the hell happened here. It starts with Watashi being ordered to bring back Assistant. I’m already confused; Watashi doesn’t seem like she’s met him, she’s dismayed at the thought of another person around the place, while we know that she’s fond of him. So is this a flashback? Then there was the little talk about clones to the fairies, to which I went “AHA!” especially when Watashi meets her lookalike (though she doesn’t get the resemblance, odd in itself). And that dog, a shapeshifter clone thing, maybe. After that it slips (heh) into Endless Eight territory, and I was filled with fear. Happily, there were enough new clues added each time that it kept me going, though it was clear early on that Watashi shouldn’t eat that banana. The clone theory had by now vanished as a red herring, btw. Then at one moment she seemed to merge with one of herselves, and we hear a dog bark. More flashbacks, multiple Watashis and watches, and my brain began to close down. And what do we get in the end? Assistant and a village full of dogs, a return of the clone theory, and … I guess they’ll explain it next week. I’m kind of afraid to hear the explanation.

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