Natsuyuki 7 and two olympic refugees

Do I have to talk about Natsuyuki Rendezvous 7? Well, I’ll say this. Shimao has completely screwed up the situation, but not in the way I expected. At the end he’s given Rokka every indication that he’s still around somehow, what with that ghostly appearance and the flower arrangements he left at the shop. Then he leaves for god knows where in Ryuusuke’s body. Ryuusuke, by the way, is still having odd conversations with the idealized little mermaid Rokka, where perhaps a hint as to the future is given, but otherwise he’s simply trying to push giant flowerpots around. Where is Shimao going? Mermaid Rokka did say that the longer this lasts the sadder it gets, after all. Meanwhile, Rokka, after her declaration of love to whomever she’s in love with, possibly the combination of both, can only react to things and wait for phone calls. And I’m finding my self caring less and less about the whole thing.

The time off hasn’t changed this show.

Due to the Olympics, Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! missed two weeks. Now we get episode 5, and I think I would like to thank the Olympics. Last time Konoe confessed to impersonating Shougo’s sister. But he’s still getting phone calls, so it looks like the real sister is on the loose, which I could have told Shougo when Konoe said she wasn’t near that wedding. Besides, we have to keep this story going somehow. You can’t just have a series where a bunch of girls throw themselves at a guy, well you can, and it would probably sell … so they throw Sagara the witch girl at him next. Lots of scenes with her. Well, lots of scenes with every girl, including a new one. We’ll eventually learn that it’s not Sagara (and deal with this moving away plot bit they threw in just to give us something for a cliffhanger) and move on to… possibly the weird school newspaper club girl.

A candidate must make sacrifices for his campaign.

Another Olympic victim was Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, and to make up for it they tossed episodes 5 and 6 at us on the same day. During the hiatus I was thinking about dropping the show, and episode 5 didn’t do much to change my mind. The bulk of it was a scene where Yuuki had to make one roll-cake after another for bribing the voters on primary day, while Mifuyu sat around writing romantic fiction about them and one weirdo after another came in the door to do a comic schtick before exiting again. Actually, it was tolerable and passed the time so that the show didn’t have to get back to topics like that murder in the first episode (remember that?) or Isara getting bullied. The primary event scenes had some decent gags in it. Still, you saw the setup coming… instead of his campaign speech Mifuru gives her fiction to Yuuki, too late to get it back …

Happily, episode 6 was better. Rather than do the expected thing and embarrass himself with that speech, Yuuki is forced by different circumstances to improvise–and rescues the story arc. Nothing much could top that so they switch to election result-watching and tossing the odd gag in. Oh, there’s still that stuff that Mifuyu wrote and he read that has to be dealt with, and we got the guy in the mask, a mystery candidate that split the vote, and the bullying and the murder and god knows what else in this messy show, but this epidode ended on a high enough note that I’ll keep watching.

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