Space Bros 21, Moyashimon II 7, Polar Bear 20

Space Brothers 21 … First, the good news: they’re out of the pod!


The bad news: we still don’t know who they selected! They don’t show us the throw so that we can see anything, and at the time I they’d stretch out the wait for a little while. Sure, why not? After all, we had 147 (by my count) episodes in that pod. Naturally they’ll tease us some more. But after all the post-pod scenes they still haven’t told us.

Okay, be fair, we did learn that Mutta lost, and so did Kenji and Furuya. We spend a lot of time with the latter as he visits a mentor who designed a space suit that short people could wear. It’s a nice bunch of scenes and it shows that Furuya isn’t just a snarky guy with height issues, but a wide-eyed dreamer like the rest of them, but I was surprised that they spent so much time with it. But I would have liked to know how Kenji lost out, and of course I want to know who won the game. Serika, the tall guy, the old guy? Next week is the celebratory dinner, so we’re bound to learn. Right?

It’s probably no better in Business Class.

Moyashimon Returns 7 drops a bit. It starts out well enough with the Harvest Festival’s evening celebrations, but they don’t show anything as entertaining as last weeks battle for tenure. Apart from the seniors’ suspension and the pulque proceedings being confiscated it fades into the background as we get to the main story. Things get less interesting still when Sawaki and the seniors head off to Paris to buy wine and cheese, and by the way, rescue Hasegawa. Why not Kei, who’d fit right in, or even Aoi, who’d have plenty to drink? So we get endless scenes of the three bumming around, not trying too hard and spending too much money while Hasegawa mopes some more. Sure, the land of wine and cheese gives us some nice microbe moments, but not nearly enough. This show always dithers around, but usually in an entertaining way. Not this time.

Polar Bear’s Cafe 20 doesn’t get interesting until the second part. Well, the first part did show us where some of the animals live, but apart from Tortoise they’re as dull as Handa’s place. The summer festival in part two has some of Grizzly’s finest moments, introduces us to a red panda, has Sasako looking fetching in a yukata, which Handa gets to enjoy (the poor guy needs as many happy moments as he can get), though it doesn’t push the romance any farther. Still, it all makes up for the dull first half.

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