Four shows, written on the fly, not worth reading …

My posts might be like this for the next couple of days, if I post at all.

Inaba knows she’s said too much, but she couldn’t help it.

If someone says too much they can usually apologize for it and say they let their anger get the better of them, or that was the beer talking, something like that. But that only excuses their saying the words out loud and doesn’t change the fact that at that point of time they actually felt those thoughts, ugly though they are. In Kokoro Connect 7 both Inaba and Taichi find out that the apologies can’t always erase the hurt. Inaba lays into an already emotionally wounded and confused Yui, and later when this causes her not to intervene when Lori snaps, Taichi lays into HER for her lack of compassion. I’m going to take Inaba’s side here. Apart from the personal insults, what she said to Yui was essentially correct. And the shock she felt after coming out of the attack made her actions with Lori understandable. Taichi’s outburst, by contrast, did nothing more than show that the two have different ways of thinking, and they both already knew that, not that the words didn’t hurt, didn’t add to Inaba’s own self-loathing. As for the others, they tried to make some of the possessions cute and funny, or get them quickly defused. Either way, I can’t see any of the characters having much fun next week. And I’m beginning to watch this arc like I would a cruel nature video.

LIz is taken by the moment.

Sword Art Online 7 is another standalone, and a pretty simple one compared to the intrigues and double-crossing the last story arc gave us. It’s about Asuna’s friend, a blacksmith named Liz, who meets Kirito and has an adventure with him while hunting for a rare crystal form for a new sword. You can see how it’ll pan out right away. They argue a lot, they fight a dragon and nearly die, they bond, and she falls in love with him, only to find out about Kirito and Asuna’s, er, relationship. Still, Liz is a fun character, not really tsundere but with a easily-riled side to her, nicely voiced. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of her, and I’m glad about that.

This gets a little ridiculous.

Disappointed by Tari Tari 8. It was … predictable, but this isn’t SOA; it’s a show that’s supposed to be more sophisticated then that. Sawa’s in a funk because it’s become clear to her she’ll never be a jockey, too tall, too heavy, etc. The episode is mostly about wrapping her head around the truth while friends and family support her however they can, exactly the way the show handled Wakana’s crisis in the last story arc, except, losing a parent is a little more traumatic (there’s a scene between Sawa and Wakana where this comes out), and the father is less sympathetic this time. Anyway, it means Sawa mopes around most of the episode. Not only that, but they repeat the “rush to the theatre to get onstage on time” from the first arc. Come on, guys, think of something fresher than that! I don’t care if she did get there on a horse (a scene more ridiculous each time we see her riding–on the street, on the beach for crissakes!). I saw that coming a mile away. The only effective stab at humor this week was Miyamoto’s belief that Sawa’s moping was due to unrequited love; well, I suppose it is, in a way.

Is there even a reason to recap Joshiraku? Um, I was surprised that they carried over last week’s little aside about Gan graduating and do much of the episode with the four remaining girls talking about how great the number four is. Countless (get it?) examples are brought up, and a few count-examples. But Gan gets some revenge later on she returns as a junior, and after that I’m not exactly sure what happened, but we turn to winning elections, and many manga and anime references are mentioned, out of which I might have recognized three.

2 thoughts on “Four shows, written on the fly, not worth reading …

  1. This episode of Kokoro Connect was suspenseful for me. I’m not sure if it was intended but there were several scenes in which I was afraid some sudden urge would cause real trouble. For example the flashback showing Taichi’s sister jumping on him in bed. I was actually scared he would go all Sis-con (Inaba teased him about this later, remember) and cause a scandal in his home. There was a scene I was scared someone would jump in front of a speeding streetcar (that is not counting the preview, at the end, of Inaba standing in front of one – !)

    And then at the end of the episode, it turned out words were causing the most damage. Only Yui was paralysed by the fear of “acting out” – words were starting to tear everyone apart.

    This is probably not correct but- I had the thought that the verbal outbursts were not “Heartseed” possessions. How do you know if, when you blurt something out, it was a magic spell or just your own impetuousness (impetuosity?) ?

    When one is a teenager, and hormones are causing all kinds of ruckus- when sudden, new urges come up and have to be fought- not just sexual urges but other things- a new awareness of injustice (things urgently needing correction)- and everyone else is fighting too- under all that stress- how do you keep your cool and not hurt the ones around you?

    i agree this episode seemed to be setting up something big to come (and not just because of the next episode’s title). It is unusual for me, but I care so much about these characters that I know I’ll be watching, no matter how painful

  2. Excellent point. How do they know if their impulses are normal or released by Heartseed? Especially at that age. And I wonder if Heartseed (Balloon juice? what is his name, anyway?) might have some twist using that very thought. “You thought I was releasing your inner urges, but some of them were yours,” as part of his horrible self-justification of teaching the kids something.

    Meanwhile, yeah, it’s getting to the point where you can’t help but wonder what will set the kids off next, and that makes every scene tense. And it WILL probably escalate; after all, the last arc almost killed poor Lori.

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