Jinrui 8, Hyouka 18, Lagrange 19

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 8 explains everything! Even the dog!

Now I understand EVERYTHING!

Okay, it doesn’t explain the underlying question how? We get a nice stab at Why, though. Assistant, never given an opportunity to develop a personality because he grew up in isolation, decided to look for one, and used the suggestions by Watashi and all those other Watashis in the forest for ideas. Okay, great, thanks for the explanation, Watashi. But I’ll probably never figure out how the fairies got involved, why they got involved, and all that other weird stuff, such as the hearth, had to do with it. Apart from them wanting sweets.

Fortunately this version of Assistant goes away.

At least they did the recap cleverly, cutting just enough that I for one didn’t start muttering “endless eight, endless eight” under my breath. And Watashi’s dry delivery and responses always lighten slow moments. And so we get Assistant, a nice boy in a Hawaiian shirt with many attributes that a young woman might find desirable in a boy, which is maybe not the best way to put it, but there’s that moment when they all giggle … So what was the deal with that other Assistant, the one with the hat who kept pawing Watashi and making suggestive comments and running around the place? A trial run, an experiment that was rejected? Whatever, I was just glad to see him go. Well, whatever the hell happened, I think we can label this an origin story and move on to whatever weirdness the show has in store for us next.

Hyouka 18’s mystery isn’t really one until one of the gang decides it is and decides to investigate. You’ll never guess who.

And so the episode’s biggest mystery may not have been “Why did Ogi-san like helicopters so much?” but “Why on earth is Houtarou so interested in that helicopter that one day in middle school?” The former is hardly a mystery. If they had gone to ask Ogi why he had reacted like that I’m sure he would have happily told them, if he could remember. And the investigation isn’t really much of one. A couple of deductions plucked out of thin air and a quick leaf through old newspapers (a half an hour to find an enormous bound volume? That library’s closed stacks must be a mess) and we have a satisfactory answer, though it’s a let down from the epic school festival arc we just had.

So instead we spend a lot of time wondering what goes on in Houtarou and Eru’s heads and watching the latter react cutely to books about vegetables and dung beetles. That Houtarou is interested at all shocks everyone (a great little scene, especially when Eru announces that she’s curious about why Houtarou is curious). He tries and fails to explain himself adequately at the end. Eru’s coming along could be explained away by her, er, curiosity, not to mention the unacknowledged attraction to Houtarou. Yeah, thinking about it, her motivations this time are pretty clear–to everyone but Houtarou, a brilliant mind but clueless when it comes to Eru.

Let’s see, at the end of last episode of Rinne no Lagrange, Madoka was cracking her knuckles in anticipation of smacking around two intergalactic kings far bigger than she is. No way, I thought. Then I began to watch episode 19:

Well, this IS Madoka we’re talking about.

That was about the only interesting thing in this half-hour denouement episode. Suddenly Dizel and Villa decide to work together, never mind their war, and so the Polyhedron Intergalactic Conference got a lot duller but happier. The rest of the episode was all about everything returning to normal. Seeing off the kings, doing homework, etc. Like the conference: happy and dull. In fact it felt like a series finale except that the girls this time get to stick together and ever swear never to use their voxes for violence again, thus guaranteeing that they’ll have to.

And so the new story arc begins.

But in the middle of Jersey Club activities and talking about love, we get the finale (I assume) arc going. It only makes sense that it’s going to involve Asteria and either that huge fragment they found or some bit of history repeating, or something, and it looks like it will lead to her death or utter destruction, but, let me guess, Madoka et al will find away to prevent annihilation and save her, or Madoka will do what her namesake did last year and sacrifice herself, only her friends interfere … Well, lots of possibilities, but possibly not a human enemy unless it’s Asteria herself.

6 thoughts on “Jinrui 8, Hyouka 18, Lagrange 19

  1. “So what was the deal with that other Assistant, the one with the hat who kept pawing Watashi and making suggestive comments and running around the place? ”

    The deal here is that he is Watashi’s grandfather.

      1. Yes, you did. There were literally tons of hints that suggested that Red Shirt boy was Watashi’s grandfather. Watashi was sent back, and it was labelled ???? in reference to the amount of times that she went back and the time of day. It suggested that something went wrong with the banana. When she entered the village, she noted that it was odd, because she did not recognize the village as the one she was accustomed to. When she saw the Red Shirt boy, you see that he likes guns just like the grandfather does and that his eyes are green, and not the blue of the assistant, not to mention that they look nothing alike. The grandfather also stated in the present that the sundial was given to him by a beautiful woman, and it was the young version of him that took it from Watashi.

      2. I’m sure you’re right, and I’ve seen it mentioned on other blogs too, so I’m probably the only one who missed it. My excuse is that Grandfather’s sundial line came the episode before, and so I forgot it. As for the ????’s I assumed that the show had humorously lost count or that no one knew. Excuses, excuses …

        “Something went wrong with the banana” is one of the better lines I’ve heard this week.

  2. Hyouka episode 18; I found to be rather calming, after the stress of the latest Kokoro Connect. And I take back what I said in a previous comment about Eru. I wondered about her motivations. You were right, and yeah, it’s pretty clear now.

    I like when a reason why someone likes someone else is shown. I think this anime does that.

    You said that Houtarou did not explain himself adequately at the end. What did you mean by that? I thought he managed to get his point across. He felt it would be inconsiderate just to let his teacher’s strange behavior go by without an effort to understand the motivation. Eru seemed to get it.

    1. Not to say Eru doesn’t have feminine wiles, she’s just not so aware of it. There was that moment during the cultural festival when she fails to talk a guy into something, he’s walking away, and we get a surreal scene of her hanging on to his suddenly absurdly-long coattails, a type of scene we normally only get with Houtarou.

      As for Houtarou’s explanation, I just didn’t buy it. I don’t think Houtarou himself did, either. It was something he couldn’t put into words, like Eru can’t do moments later.

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