Five episodes that more or less annoyed me

I’ll probably watch Natsuyuki Rendezvous through to the end, but it gets harder and harder. It looks like Ryuusuke has found a way through the ridiculous impasse by the end of the episode, but his impetus, apart from scarily getting caught there forever by dwelling on the past, like Shimao perhaps, are unclear. Fairy Rokka (for want of a better name) said that there was a part of him that wants Rokka to be free; does that mean he’s willing to let her forget him and pursue future happiness, or is it a part of him that actually could not love her? Either way, he’s pissed off about it, probably about his dithering over it and wasting everyone’s time, including those of us watching. Whatever the reason, the show needs some kind of stimulus. I don’t care whether it’s from Rokka meeting Shimao/Ryuusuke while hiking, or Ryuusuke saying “enough!” and booting Shimao out of his body, or … Well, I’ve given up on Shimao doing anything constructive.

Binbougami Ga! lucked out when they brought Rindou along to be a side character. Thanks to her we’ve had two decent episodes in a row. Even the maudlin stuff at the end wasn’t so irritating. One reason is that she’s decided she’s a friend of Ichiko even if Ichiko refuses to accept it. She’s perceptive enough to see beyond Ichiko’s nasty facade and see the human being there, something even Keita hasn’t done. And she’s a tough, broad character who’s capable of a lot of violence. Perfect for this show. And so get the Bad Girls in the class kidnap Ichiko (who’s good fortune apparently isn’t always so abundant), Rindou rescuing her only to find herself with a collapsed building around her, and another mixed reaction scene from Ichiko, which worked because it was her acting on her own impulses. The bit after that with the sob story didn’t work because it’s hard to feel sorry for a girl who rejected all of humanity just because one friend once betrayed her, plus why would she suddenly change? Still, pretty good episode.

The closing credit sequence was the best thing in the episode.

I lost my notes for Yuru Yuri 2 8, but I’ll just say that the best part comes at the end, with some of Chinatsu’s grotesque depictions of herself and her beloved Yui come alive. The rest of the episode was just average, maybe because it was relatively normal. I think I like this series better when shows things like Chinatsu’s hair eating ping-pong balls, or that teacher talking about blowing things up followed by the quiet one saying something we can’t hear, in other words, when the series goes off the deep end a little.

Polar Bear’s Cafe 21 has not enough Polar Bear or Penguin and too much Panda, though it’s amusing enough. Panda gets bored and tries to be other animals for a while. The best part is when Llama does the same and becomes a panda, a popular one, too, since he goes all out with the extra service. Poor Llama is starved for attention. The second part would have been annoying, with Panda’s little sister Mei Mei getting a crush on Mr. Handa, but Kana Hanazawa’s voice work rescues it.

You should talk.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 6 just limps along. I was afraid it would when we begin with Shougo deciding to help Sagara promote her failing cafe. The usual scenes, planning publicity, getting girls dressed as cat-maids (with tails which reveal their moods). It’s only livened up by the brief appearance of the newspaper perv girl and of Ikusu, both of whom are so different from the other girls that it’s a relief when they show up. There’s a terrible scene when Shougo confronts Sagara about this whole sister business and we get a lengthy and pointless unraveling of her motives which was unnecessary and dull to boot. It’s a little late in the season to say this, but I’m close to dropping this show again.

They made it through the primary with no room to spare, so in this episode of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate they go off to “camp,” or sorts. The jump from celebration to next stage planning to the camp is so muddled I didn’t realize they were there until Yuuki is cooking and Isara is sucking his bloody finger. We get various uninteresting night scenes, including Yuuki sharing a bed with the gay guy and later getting chased around by girls because he snuck Satsuki’s drunk sister back into her dorm. And Chisato comes onto him in the bath. It’d have been a good night for him if he had any sense. Oh, Satsuki also apparently comes on to him, but I’m thinking that’s more innocent than it looks. It’s a typical, messy episode. I don’t mind a good harem show, but this one has too many other things flying about. Choose a girl, Yuuki, and then focus on the other things the show keeps bringing up and forgetting.

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