Moyashimon 8, Imouto of the week 7

In Moyashimon Returns 8, the guys find Hasegawa, but in a typical Moyashimon way.

Not Kei. Though I’m hoping she’s a long-lost sister or something.

They just can’t find the church she’s going to be married in, or anything like that. Instead they have to ride a three-seater bicycle around Burgundy, and we get a small tour and a lecture about the entire region and the wines made there, both from the humans and the microbes. No other show would bother with this sort of information but I know nothing about wine I found it interesting and wanted to know more. They proceed to get hit by a car driven by a young woman who looks just like Kei if he was a blonde frenchwoman. Who just happens to speak Japanese by the way. Oh, and is part of a famous wine family. Because they need a place to sleep they agree to act as waiters for a small banquet she’s a part of that evening.

And guess who’s there!

Things get muddled from here. We get a great scene about the stupidity of pairing wine with just anything, but it then becomes an examination of three people trapped by their pasts and their families. Hasegawa, obviously, but also Sawaki (though it’s been so long since he’s talked about his circumstances I’ve pretty much forgotten about it), and Marie, the blonde, the heiress who wants nothing to do with the business if she has to put up with idiots like Hasegawa’s would-be fiancee. So things get introspective until the end when the microbes give us another lecture which didn’t go as long as I wanted.

The crackdown on immorality has gone too far!

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! seems to be in catchup mode after the olympics with two quick episodes in a row. This one is more amusing than the last one, but it takes a while. Due to the mysterious little sister broadcasting all over the school about her existance, and at the same time telling Shougo to pretend she doesn’t exist, the dignitaries visiting the school feel the morals there are too relaxed, and thus Rinka becomes the morals nazi for the school. Just about everything gets banned, including flirting and multiple personalities. Otherwise the show as a clumsy mess again, with an unfortunate scene or two where Shougo tries to collect DNA samples (you can imagine how that turned out, in fact, I had some Nisemonogatari flashbacks, mostly like “Damn, I wish I was watching that show now instead of this one”).

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