Lagrange 20, Hyouka 19, Yuru Yuri 9

Nothing happens for 20 minutes and suddenly we get this.

Rinne no Lagrange 20 is a filler episode to gear up for the next big plot thing and to give the girls a breather. Unlike other such episodes, they save the plot-gearing for the final couple minutes, and while there’s no action, they’re heavy with import. We got that stone carving that Asteria wish she could remember but can’t, since her soul was ripped away by Rinne 20,000 years ago. The next thing you know, Moid is down there, turns it into something like a grief seed, and offers it to Dizel(!) and shows scars he got 20,000 years ago. I kind of figured Moid would show his past sooner or later, you can’t stand on the sidelines and smirk a lot without knowing something, but how many faces does Dizel have, anyway? Is he still going to do Rinne stuff? Even after Madoka punched him??

Lan and Madoka watch Reiko in action.

As I said, this all happens in the last three or so minutes. The rest of the episode is typical high school silliness as the Jersey Club is threatened with the loss of that clubroom they hardly ever spend time in anyway, and the appearance of a clumsy girl named Reika who joins the club in order to fly robots and is shown to be the clumsiest girl in school, unless she’s stalking one of the jersey club, whereupon she becomes the epitome of stealth. We also get the three guys pondering their future and drunken talk with Youko about her own needs. Yeah, not much of an episode, but by this point I enjoy watching the girls do whatever, so it’s okay.

Houtarou and Eru fritter away an afternoon making theories.

Hyouka 19 left me a little confused. Houtarou claims that you can make a theory out of anything, Eru says that his theories are usually right on the money, and that’s where his talent lies, so he supposedly comes up with a theory about a cryptic intercom message that just happens (ding dong!) to play at that point. So what’s he trying to do? Shouldn’t he try to come up with a bizarre theory that sounds plausible rather than try and earnestly try to figure it out? Or maybe that’s what he WAS trying to do, but he wound up being right anyway? Wait, WAS he? We don’t see anything in the newspaper that would connect his theory to the crime. As for me, I still don’t get why Student X would be considered a perp. I’m not convinced he’d simply turn himself in. I was certain Student X was a witness to a crime, not the perp. Anyway, now you know what Houtarou and Eru do when they’re alone. Well, they had a couple of close-face moments too, but I’ve pretty much given up on anything happening with that.

Kyouko ate all of Yui’s baked bread!!

Let’s see. Of the Yuru Yuri 2 sketches in episode 9, I liked the Akari/Chinatsu sleepover, maybe because they didn’t devote too much time to trying to keep Akarin awake but instead got to the scary movie part. Chinatsu’s inadvertent hiding in a closet scene wasn’t bad only because of the monumental stupidity she exhibited by hiding in the first place. The study scene wasn’t bad. The final bits, possibly to fill out the episode, maybe little sketches that couldn’t fit in a longer scene were okay. All in all a B- episode.

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