SAO 9, Moyashimon 8, that sister thing 8

A solid episode of Sword Art Online. The big question is did they just finish a small story arc or is this part of a larger one? Never mind the biggest one.

Our happy couple. “Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…”

Kirito and Asuna get a look at the 75th level boss and, being the experienced warriors they are, run away and have lunch. Thus we get to see the Kirito/Asuna dynamic in battle and domestic mode right after each other. And I wonder how they’re making it work. It’s clear they’re a great couple, though they’d surely do that “no-no-no” with handwaving if someone told them so. Maybe it’s that the other players get one look at them together and instantly think “couple.” Klein does it in this episode, like Liz did it a while back. Maybe it’s just that reinforcement. But more important, they’re a fun couple. They’re of like minds when it matters, bicker over little things, and back each other up when they need to.

Kirito whips out his unexplainable and convenient secret power.

Not everything worked. We learn that Kirito has a special ability no one else has. Where did it come from? I don’t recall it being mentioned before. Even Kirito doesn’t know why he has it. Then there was the “Front,” a team of armored guys who just walk up to the boss and nearly get slaughtered because their leader doesn’t know the word “retreat.” How far can you get in a game like that? And while the boss battle was great fun to watch, I don’t get Asuna’s just charging in when she sees the Front getting wiped out. She’s too experienced a player to behave like that. Besides, she’s got Kirito and Klein, two excellent fighters, with her. Think of a plan! And I mentioned Kirito’s mysterious ability. Were it not for the fact that he was taking damage and the fight scene was so well-done, it would have been a Deus ex Machina.

But these are minor points, and even while those questionable things passed by on the screen I was enjoying the hell out of the episode. It’s one of those shows where the episode ends and I wonder how time could have flown that fast. Looking forward to getting Asuna out of that guild now.

Are you SURE you want to marry Hasegawa, Ryuuta?

Moyashimon Returns 9 is almost completely focused on plot right now. There were hardly any microrobe lectures until the very end. Though Maria, through anecdotes scattered throughout, taught us more about wine-making. Actually, there are two plots right now. One is getting Hasegawa away from Ryuuta, and it just sort of happens. She decides to run away and Kaoru and Takuma help her. The two are actually useful this episode, and Kaoru actually gets a nice quiet scene with her that involves no violence whatsoever. Well, Why not? The man was actually talking sense for a change. The other plot involves getting Marie to return to the wine business she obviously loves. Sawaki has some good scenes with her. They share a sort of bond–over the smell of yeast. But on the whole the episode wasn’t crazy enough for my tastes.

Imouto ga Iru’s HSotD reenactment gets a C-.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 8 stumbles along and then falls dead in the final moments. This time it’s Rinko who’s the culprit. In order to kill time the show takes her, Shougo, Ikusu and Mana to an amusement park in order to get her outside of school and her morals-nazi mode, and there follw the inevitable scenes. There’s only one moment here worth it, and that’s Ikusu doing a parachute ride, completely unrelated to the story, just someone having fun. Well, it stuck out for me, anyway. Through a coincidence too stupid to mention we learn later that Rinko had the magic pink cell phone, made the call, etc, and we get her sob story, engaged to the son of Shougo’s company’s biggest rival, try to dig up some dirt, on him. Shougo’s solution for this not only makes no sense (pretend they’re dating), but leads to them actually dating even though the engagement was cut off, or something. Well, another one for the harem.

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