Religion had Declined 10, Hyouka 20, Lagrange 21

My take on Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 10 written here is a rambling mess, because sometimes it’s good for the mind to ramble about a show, especially one as odd as this one.

We go back to Watashi’s first days as a mediator, er, researcher, whatever it is; just so she can avoid working in the fields. Her first contact with fairies. This time they build a bustling, colorful city overnight and declare her a god after she gives them a naming dictionary. She doesn’t want to be god and so passes the honor to one of the fairies, and the entire city collapses in ten minutes, except her statue. What are we to make of all of this? I have no idea. I want to know why humanity has declined and where the fairies come from. If humanity had declined it’s to an agrarian society where there are shortages but basically enough to go around, enough water so that they can run fountains, and plenty of places for shelter. It actually seems like a nice place to live if you like that sort of life. Maybe humanity has declined only to the point where they can inhabit a stable and not intrusive environmental niche.

Of course the fairies’ presence should remind me that I shouldn’t look for too much realism in this anime. They’re around, apparently, to present metaphors for human society, and to act cute. This week it’s all about religion. Watashi abducts and befriends three, make that four fairies, showing herself as immensely big and powerful but kind at the same time. She makes the mistake of trying to give them names, a concept that had not occurred to the fairies and so, even though they possess abilities far beyond human comprehension, she becomes like a god. Watashi doesn’t want the title. She had explained to them that old humanity had stepped down. But the fairies, the “current humanity,” don’t seem to be capable of anything without something from old humanity to spark their interest. So I’m not sure the concept of us humans as gods is so far-fetched. But again, this is a fairy story loaded with metaphors. The Whys and Hows aren’t important as the themes themselves. Now I’m repeating myself. Time to move on.

This did not happen.

Hyouka 20 is just another passing fancy, another way to get Houtarou and Eru together, this time locked in a freezing shed, a variant of the locked room mystery, I suppose. I simply marvel at the over-formality, or maybe the timidity of those two that they can’t even get close to each other for warmth. It’s the perfect opportunity! You have the perfect excuse: cuddle or freeze to death! Maybe Eru’s social status puts an extra barrier on it. And the other thing is that they can’t shout out to anyone, because of that same social status. I admire Houtarou’s foolish respect for Eru’s reputation, but damn it it’s freezing in there! So instead he has to come up with a cryptic message that only Satoshi (if he’s even at the shrine) will understand (and he may not), if the item is picked up at all. It adds up to one of the more frustrating episodes we’ve had. At least Houtarou probably managed to score more points for imaginative thinking and gentlemanly behavior, if not for common sense.

Okay girls, this is all very sweet, but let’s get back to some action!

So Hyouka pretty much wastes an episode. Rinne No Lagrange 21 does pretty much the same thing. It seems we’ve been getting a lot of these goodbye episodes recently, and they’re getting stale. I know we have to see Kirius and Array off, but how long do you think they’re going to be gone, anyway? A little more interesting is that Lan and Muginami are thinking of moving on, too. Of course they are. The only one not concerned with moving on with their life is Madoka, exemplified by her not filling out her future plans questionnaire for school. In a way I feel a little sorry for her. She’s quite happy in Kamogawa, doing all those little things, not realizing it can’t last forever. And there’s a whole galaxy out there to explore. On the other hand, would she be happy anywhere else? Or can she be happy at home without Lan and Muginami?

That’s more like it! Too bad the episode ends right there …

This all slows down developing story arc, and it’s a good one. Moid has gone missing with that big rock and is wanted all across the Polyhedon. He’s with Dizel, who is undergoing the kind of torture-thing he was putting Lan through at the beginning of the new series. This basically goes against everything he agreed upon with Villaguilio. And Villaguilio is covering for him! But Dizel is muttering things like how Villa betrayed him! Is he channeling something or remembering that past kerfluffle? It’s great for us because we have no idea what to expect now. Who’s on whose side? Our only clue for what’s going on might come from Asteria, sorry, Maycun, who reveals her past to the Pharos team to some incredulity and shrugging. But apart from the “Memoria” she uncovers, she’s pretty much in the dark, too, well until that fleet shows up at the end. Okay, enough goodbyes and introspection about goals in life. Let’s have some action!

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