Horizon II 22 or something, Yuru Yuri II 10, Polar Bear I 23

As usual with Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II, I spend more time trying to figure out who the hell everyone is and what their relationship is with everyone else than I do following the story. This time we pay a lot of attention to Chancellor Segundo, who is leading the Armada against Musashi in what is basically a suicide attack using lots of little ships. It’s great to look at (and for all my complaining about this series, the battles usually do), but left me scratching my head. We’re told the little ship attack leaves Musashi no chance to counterattack … until they do. So Segundo moves on to the next spot on the circle-the-island battle tour. Speaking of head scratching, that’s what the Musashi crew are doing as well. Why is Segundo doing this crazy stunt when all they need to do is tilt swords with Musashi and leave? That, like everything else in this series, is a long story and I’m not going to go into it here because I wasn’t paying much attention anyway.

How many episodes in a row has Toori been naked, anyway?

When we’re not watching that battle start we watch some of the Musashi crew start new battles like those duels we had awhile back, so that Tenzo can rescue Mary from her execution, which she actually wants to undergo. But this would break Tenzo’s heart, so he’s going to rescue her anyway. You could see a parallel to this in the way Juana gets upset about Segundo’s suicidal actions. And Gacchan is rebuked (rather, smacked the hell out of) for her selfish desire to die protecting Margo, if need be. This all makes Horizon make her decision and live, by the way. Next week will have plenty of action and less talk, not that it makes it any easier to understand …

Chinatsu has pictures of Yui.

Typical of Yuru Yuri that in episode 10 the seniors take a school trip and we see next to none of it. All the scenes are of the others waiting for them at home, especially Chinatsu, who tortures Akari nearly to death with kindness. Maybe the best bit was the phone call Sakurako’s sister gets while a shocked Himawari listens in. Otherwise each scene worked with pairs, one regular (relatively) girl with one blithering idiot. It gets tiresome to see when it’s scene after scene of this with nary a truly lunatic moment to be found, through Chinatsu’s lovely drawings make a comeback.

All-you-can-eat is serious business.

Not a great episode of Polar Bear’s Cafe, but it’s not bad. Handa asks Polar Bear on advice for winning the affections of the fair Sasako. Others chip in with useless advice, and meanwhile everyone Sasako serves at the cafe is some handsome dude or another. And we learn that she likes tall, comforting guys, which puts Handa at a disadvantage on the height issue, anyway, though he seems like he could be the comforting type if he didn’t stress out over Sasako all the time. The second story could have been a bore, but the Red Squirrels and King Penguin give Panda Mama (or is it Mama Panda?) good tips on all-you-can-stuff groceries and all-you-can-eat cake deals.

2 thoughts on “Horizon II 22 or something, Yuru Yuri II 10, Polar Bear I 23

  1. One of the things I like about YuruYuri is that it’s often self-referential. The start of episode 10 threw me because I thought they were recycling footage of the school trip. But the show wasn’t being cheap – it was a flashback used to put this week’s episode in context. The full school trip was chronicled in Season 1 Episode 10, and clips were inserted in this week’s episode.

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