Tari Tari 11, Space Bros 23, Binbougami 10

Like in every other episode of Tari Tari, episode 11’s big events are mixed almost evenly with the rest of the side stories and quick looks at characters.

Busy happy activity before the whammy.

Well, that’s an exaggeration. There’s nothing bigger than the school being closed down (after the remaining students have graduated) and turned into condominiums, but if there’s a theme to this series it might be that nothing that happens is bigger than the people involved in it. Wait, I don’t like that definition. How about “Ob La Di, Ob La Da …” But that’s trite. Moving on … We get a first half of cheerful White Festival preparations and the crises each club member faces as they try to fulfill their obligations. From Taichi’s attempt at drawing scenery and sneaking photos of Sawa to the ridiculous story Miyamoto wrote for their production, to Wakana still trying to write that damn song. The show even starts setting up another feud with the “real” choir club. It’s all low-key fun until the whammy.

The whammy.

And just like that: The school will shut down. Not even a White festival. Scene after scene of students and parents and teachers hearing the bad news. In other words, the show completely abandoned its work toward a big festival finish. Even with all the hints they gave it’s still shocking, and it must have been a huge blow to our gang, but we don’t see it. Sawa practices archery, Taichi practices badminton. We see others doing whatever they were going to do anyway, resigned to this less exciting (Can you imagine Miyamoto yawning in this show?) road their life has suddenly taken. It happened. This isn’t the type of show in which the school will be rescued by some benefactor or by a concentrated effort by the heroes. They can’t do anything, they know it, they move on.

Whammy? What whammy?

Except for Wakana. Before the news we see her happily working on the song, struggling at times, but pressing on. After the whammy she’s still writing it, until she’s done. It’s as if the bad news had completely passed her by. All the exterior events had become unimportant to her, maybe inconvenient at worst. Just as what’s happening to the school is nothing more than an aside to these students, inconvenient or sad at the time, but unimportant in the big picture of their lives. Wakana’s proposal to perform it anyway (When? Where?) will be a nice way to give them all some closure, nothing more.

Space Brothers 23 is sort of filler. We tie up some loose ends, particularly with Teshima, who caused confusion by dropping out of the selection after the fact, because he wants to find life in space and there’s a probe going up that will do just that. Nice scenes between him and his stern father, and we’ll probably never see him again. This means that Tenji HAS been selected, but the announced number of qualifiers was misleading, well, it was meant to. Well, good for him. Elsewhere, Mutta the successful applicant still has to earn money, but the Santa Claus scenes are mercifully brief. My favorite bit was Serika, eating two taiyaki (one with custard), doing a little dance, while the plane taking Mutta to Houston flies overhead. Next week … another examination?? I thought they were done with that!

In Binbougami Ga! I was beginning to wonder if they’d ever really resolve this issue of Ichiko sucking the good fortune out of everyone else. On the other hand, if I was her I wouldn’t want Momiji sticking a giant syringe into me while cackling, either. And so, like in many other episodes, we get a few scenes where Ichiko’s reminded of this curse (for that’s what it is, really) and feeling bad about it. Finally the shit god, I mean God of Toilets of all people, gives her a necklace that inhibits the, er, sucking. Now we’ll see what happens, I suppose. Otherwise the episode wasn’t bad. Ichiko really ought to fill Ranmaru in on the situation, especially after she sees Momoe transform, but it was nice to see Ranmaru interact with the others, and that Ichiko thought to invite her over to see the kitten in the first place. I wish the kitten could have remained a cat god, though it was touching to see it rescue Ichiko because of the kindness she had shown it. I could have done with less of the toilet god, though.

2 thoughts on “Tari Tari 11, Space Bros 23, Binbougami 10

  1. Wakana is my favorite character in Tari Tari. Partly it’s because of the opening credits; that scene of her standing in the rain. I find it endearing. Then, that she would be the one to exhort everyone to put on a show, rather than Konatsu. From so serious to so joyful. She seems to really have transformed. The power of music?

  2. I dunno, I don’t have a favorite. Maybe Wakana’s dad. I like his laid-backedness. It’s unfair, but I keep comparing Tari Tari to Hanasaku Iroha last year, which was loaded with memorable characters. It’s like PA Works wanted to replicate that show but they don’t have the same quality material. Not that Tari Tari is bad, mind you. But I thought Hanasaku was one of the best shows of 2011, a year loaded with great shows.

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