Four shows that haven’t ended yet but probably should have.

In Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 24 the important things come through even if the details are as confusing as ever.

Tenzo, Double Bloody Mary, Elizabeth, and three Excaliburs, I think.

First we get Tenzo, I mean Clothutil’s attempt at rescuing Mary from an execution she actually wants, maybe. Tenzo demonstrates his skills by getting past that sword guy who nearly killed him before (with the help of that bird) and recognizing that Mary and Elizabeth had switched places by comparing their boob sizes. Well done, Tenzo! All that’s left is to pull that sword out of the stone, actually two smaller swords, suggesting that the Earth Pulse feels there’s room for the Musashi people in history, too. Love is declared on both sides, Tenzo lowers his mask and the world doesn’t end (but we don’t get to see his face because he’s kissing Mary) I think. Elizabeth tearfully bids goodbye to Mary, who swears to have a child who will usurp Elizabeth’s throne. She’s actually being comforting, you see, because after that Elizabeth’s job will be done and they can all play in fairyland. A touching but bizarre scene. Oh, Azuma(?) and Kimi beat that emaciated guy and the gravity-doll, but I’ve forgotten what they were fighting about.

Robots defend the Musashi.

That done, it’s back to the Armada battle. Here I kind of lost track of things. Muneshige doesn’t get to die with his forces because Juana rescues him and they start making out on the burning vessel until Tachibana breaks it up. Tres Espana’s flagship, the San Martin, is firing huge slow broadsides from angles too fast for them to move without detection. Turns out there are two San Martins! No, there are three! But one of them gets rammed by Grace O’Malley’s ship. I do not remember who Grace O’Malley is, but apparently she owed the Musashi a favor. But now Espana forces have boarded the ship with baseball bats and explosive balls and are running all over the Musashi. So it looks like more individual duels for the next episode.

In Polar Bear’s Cafe 25 the first part is Penguin’s art exhibit, and then we get to see how Polar and Grizzly met as kids. The latter gets a little too sweet, though I liked how Polar was the only animal around who wasn’t terrified of Grizzly. In fact, it should be the other way around, but Polar had no desire to scare anybody. He could also cook an excellent salmon stew. The first half is better, but like last week I thought it missed a lot of potential laughs. But the combo of Penguin’s highly derivitive or simply blue paintings, followed by Polar’s follow up and Panda’s non-sequitors, had some fun in it.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 11 is called “The Sister Trap,” and may not come as a surprise in this lazy series that there is no trap sprung anywhere in it. In fact, nothing much happens at all. The day after the party Miyabi doesn’t come to school, and she later forces Shougo to take her out on a date. It’s the dullest date sequence with music interlude I’ve seen, and it’s completely pointless. Shougo also gets warnings from Ikusu to be careful because those plotting to get at him are close by, which is so obvious by now that I figured it the scene was there because Isusu didn’t have anything else to do this episode apart from looking at someone who might be Yuruzina in some movie footage. Meanwhile Yuzurina, whom we KNOW is evil, stirs the pot by denying that she was the girl speaking to him at the funeral, so either she’s come up with a cunning plan along with the current one (which involves feeding Shougo breakfast and dinner) or she doesn’t know everything, either. Meanwhile, front-running harem girl Konoe isn’t given anything to do for the second straight episode. And, again, no trap. Stupid series …

In most series that have a main character change personalities the big challenge is to return them to the good side. In Binbougami Ga! 12 it’s to get Momiji to change to her bad self. I’m rooting for it too. The nice Momiji bit worked for a while because of the effect it had on everyone else. The class was suddenly in love with her. Ichiko, naturally suspicious, drives herself into a frenzy wondering what she’s up to and when the trap will snap, but there’s no trap. Momiji hasn’t abandoned her mission, either, but now she tries to talk Ichiko out of her spare fortune, using bland speeches that, while true, are deadly dull to listen to. Does anyone want Momiji like this? No! Bring back the bad Momiji! Bring back the sneak attacks and mad violence and screaming that made this show bearable to watch! And that’s the theme of the final arc, to make a character bad, cunning, and smelly again. Oh, there’s a nice Death Note scene too.

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