SAO 12, Chocolate 11, Joshiraku 8

Sword Art Online 12 … I figured it would end up like this.

There she goes …

Since it was clear from the start that Yui wasn’t from the real world it meant that the game could do all sort of things to her. And since she was, if not an anomaly, but a bit of code gone rogue, you’d expect Cardinal to stamp her out. And there are the implications of that line of code gaining sentience and going against its programmed orders, I’m thinking that’s one thing the makers do NOT want to happen. Imagine if the whole game started acting like that. Imagine if they went against Cardinal itself. The game would either toss itself into dev/null or get shut down altogether. The sentience thing gives us another issue as well. How do the players behave if the things they’re used to killing turn out to have something resembling a soul? Actually, that might be fun. Some of the monsters might team up with the players and we’d have another mess and it’d be dev/null time anyway.

This is draped around a small story about rescuing a guy from a dungeon, and I assume will eventually lead to a battle with Kibaou, the guy who put him there, but not this episode. Too much other stuff to do, like show cute little Yui show off her true powers and wipe out a 90th Level boss, one that almost killed our happy couple, without breaking a sweat. Then there’s an infodump followed by a tearful goodbye scene. The infodump was tolerable because everything she was saying was important to the immediate situation–Yui’s future. Also, it gave us a better idea of how stuff here works. The goodbye scene didn’t have the effect it should, at least on me because, as I said, I expected it, though it would have been cool if Kirito had managed to do a more successful hack and bring her back whole. But then, what would happen if they do clear the thing out and leave the world? Would they still have managed to get a piece of her heart to “resurrect her in real life?” Even so, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Yui. I expect her to turn up again, probably her heart-pendant will start glowing or something, right when Kirito and Asuna need her the most.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 11 tries to squeeze out as much melodrama as it possibly can before the election. We start with two Very Important conversations, one of which made sense to me.

Is that at the school? Is that one of the classrooms?

That one was the president’s interrogation/confession to Yuuki, basically telling Yuuki (and more importantly, us) everything we didn’t know already, well, apart from why Kana was run down in the first place. It only gets nonsensical when he starts to tell Yuuki things he shouldn’t know about Yuuki and Chisato’s relationship. I’m guessing the only reason he brought it up at all was to mirror the other, less intelligible scene where Mifuyu tries to cheer up a despondent Chisato. Basically Chisato rebuffs her friend over and over, so Mifuyu changes into a halter top so her scar will show, and tries to leave, which changes everything. I’m often a lazy viewer so I’m assuming it makes sense to the girls.

Guess what happens.

Back to the intelligible part. Kana’s being kept alive at a hospital run by the Katahira faction, who are rivals, and they’ll cut off the plasma supply if the president doesn’t drop his support for Yuuki. I can understand his dilemma. Yuuki springs into action and manages to get the word to Michiru, who plays that harmonica and guess what happens? I told you this episode was melodramatic. So my question is why does the president (who at least is no longer such an asshole) still not support Yuuki, after what he’s done? Oh, well, the melodrama doesn’t stop, as Oosawa (of the Oosawa incident) decides to get really nasty at the end. Another question. What percentage of the school population is a goon for one faction or another? They’re always doing nefarious things or standing at attention behind their boss, in their school uniforms. Are they enrolled and attend classes? Do they feel any guilt for the crap they do? And what does the rest of the school think? Well, I’ve said it before, this is a messy show.

I understood this bit, too.

Joshiraku 8 was so slow in coming I decided to test my very limited knowledge and watch a raw. I am pleased to report that I got the repetition of “new” in the first bit, and April wasn’t hard. Other than that I had to follow the visual action. So I didn’t know what the envelopes were all about, but I could tell the girls were keen on the money inside. The visit to wherever it is went right past me, apart from spilling water on Gankyou. As for the April part, all I knew was that it was April 40 and everyone was trying to cheer up Kukuru for some reason. Weird to say that the raw was not as dull as I thought it would be. In fact, knowing what they were talking about almost ruined it.

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