Kokoro 12, Space Bros 25

Kokoro Connect 12 brings Yui and Aoki’s problems to the front, and sort of takes care of them.

In case you were wondering what Nana looked like.

Aoki’s problem is easy. The fact that his younger self confuses Yui for Nana finally gets to the former, rather understandably, and while Aoki is a shallow sort, he is doing some hard thinking about this, though it’s harder with all these resurrected Nana thoughts in his brain. So he takes a train up to see Nana to see if his love is pure, or something like that. Once there, he conveniently runs into her on the street–and tells her he’s in love with Yui. I was more interested in Nana’s reaction. Their thing is old, and discovering the boy loves someone else now doesn’t surprise her. Maybe a hint of regret together with happy memories. The fact that he came all the way up to tell her have some effect, but we’ll never see her again. All this was prompted by Aoki’s realization that he wasn’t living his life to the fullest now. I suspect that partly means being shallow. Anyway, it was the only thing he could do, and he did it. Good for him.

Rather abrupt.

Yui’s problem is less easy to figure out. Sort of the opposite of Aoki, she’s gone from having a goal and focus in her life to whittling away her time doing nothing. Mihashi, her old karate rival, pops out of nowhere on the street a couple times, the first to fight her (Yui loses), the second because she’s simply worried, which I found sort of touching. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what Yui’s problem is in the first place because all of it can be explained away by the cruel games being played on all of them, especially when she regressed to just after her assault. She snaps out of it when Aoki returns from his trip and tells her what happened. In fact, she seems completely cured–again. But I’m not seeing the connection there. I also am not getting that the regressed Aoki no longer mistakes the two girls. It’s nice for them, I suppose, but it suggests that these aren’t actually the younger selves but a mockup of them using more recent events. Anyway, next week it looks like Taichi’s got some explaining to do … and I’m wondering when they’re going to mess with Lori again. Maybe they’re saving it for a big bombshell later.

Mutta’s rigorous training.

Space Brothers has put the show in a holding pattern. In episode 25 not much happens except the days pass by and it gets closer to the Hibito’s moon launch. Mutta, largely left alone, trains, or tries to. Hibito thinks about Azuna but otherwise we don’t get much from him, not that we do anyway. Apo pants and barks in his comic relief role. Other shows would jump over these days or maybe pause to do a bit, but Space Brothers is fond of showing us day-to-day scenes to inject whatever little thing they want to inject in. And flashbacks, like the Hibito/Azuna baseball scene, are often cut up and injected into other scenes. It’s not that there are no events. Progress is made. Mutta exercises a lot but we see results. We get a little more info on Azuna, especially his warning to Hibito not to get too close to him. And while I want Mutta’s interview from hell done with (I predict we’ll see only pieces of it, followed by reactions from Mutta and the committee members to flesh the scene out), it’s not too bad to watch an episode where people simply get ready. Mutta for an interview, Hibito for a trip to the moon.


2 thoughts on “Kokoro 12, Space Bros 25

  1. Nana wasn’t surprised to hear Aoki’s declaration. Note that she said that she cut her hair “towards end of last year.” That meant that she was mourning a breakup. Aoki understood and verbally acknowledged. I was a bit surprised she came to that conclusion not very long ago.

  2. Yeah, I got the hair cutting reference, and if anything she was surprised by his showing up. It was clear that she had put that relationship behind him, but I doubt she expected such a formal declaration as he gave her. It probably brought up some nice memories of the boy for her.

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