More shows fall over dead: Chocolate, Who’s the sister, Binbougami

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate ends with annoying obstacles tossed in Yuuki’s path to election victory.

The Katahina faction, whatever the hell they are, put in a last-day-last-ditch effort. The negative article mysteriously put in the online newspaper was bad enough, but they also kidnap Chisato and have Yuuki run around from telephone to telephone receiving instructions to, er, go to the next telephone, OR ELSE. They’re trying to prevent him from making it to the final debate, but the technique is annoying as hell to have to watch. Meanwhile everyone else wonders where he is. Here the questionable ethics that the election runs on begin, finally, to work in his favor.

The first time these two girls do anything useful all series.

Some girls from the school spot him in his disheveled state and make a couple calls, and soon the President and everyone else knows more or less what’s going on. It’s nice to see the good guys battle back, especially when it gives those two girl club members who haven’t done a damn thing all series something to do. And it was nice to see Yuuki and Chisato reunited and declaring love before Chisato’s tsun side appears again. It was especially satisfying to see Yuuki (who OF COURSE got to give his speech, even though he was late) and admit everything that was going on. But it doesn’t change the fact that he managed to win the election because he got a lot of help from questionable forces. Well, he’s in, though the show only begrudgingly tells us this at the end, and as the President points out, his job’s only going to get harder.

That’s nice, Yuuki, but it doesn’t change my opinion of your show.

Not that I really care. This show was a mess. It stumbled from one plot point to another without caring too much about finishing them well and completely forgetting them unless they sprung a new leak. What about that inflammatory article in today’s episode? What was in it? How did they deal with it? Were those two girls only around from episode one to now in order to bicycle Yuuki and Chisata to the debate? What the hell was inventor-girl doing in the show at all? Or yaoi-stick boy? No, forget that, I know why HE was there. Did Yuuki manage to add the anti-discrimination toward financial aid students to his platform? This show felt like it was plotted in a single drunken Friday afternoon using characters pulled from the secondhand anime character stereotype bin they found in the corner. Bah.

Enough of that show. Let’s see if the next show can change the mood. … Oh, dear god …

Fortunately, the scene stops here.

(spoilers) I’ll give Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! a little credit: it didn’t try to twist the story up so that none of the girls were Shougo’s sister, or all of them. It was, in fact, one of the early favorites. Not only that, but it seems obvious with hindsight, not from the clues but how the show was structured, who was getting the most attention at crisis time, and that was Miyabi. In fact, they undid the Yuzurina story altogether. That doesn’t mean the episode was very good, however, or the series.

THAT series would’ve been a lot more fun.

We get a lot of talk. Most of the episode is broken into two scenes, that is, after Shougo rejects Miyabi’s confession. The first exposes Yuzurina as an actress. Shougo starts the exposure by putting two and two together and Itsuku arrives just in time with the background facts. This unraveling takes some emotional strength because, well, it’s a big scene, but it goes on too long. Also, if Yuzurina, sorry, Danao Nayuri, former child actress, is just an actor hired to do a job why did she take such obvious evil pleasure in doing it? Even after being exposed she’s got that glinty look in her eye. Well, no matter. After that we get an even longer scene between Shougo and Miyabi. Miyabi has to go on and on about what happened, with flashbacks, and she seems to forget that Shougo knows she’s his sister now, so it’s not like she’ll never see him. After these two scenes there’s no time for anything but last-minute innuendos on the school rooftop and the series ends without Shougo actually getting a girlfriend, just a sister who actually wouldn’t mind marrying her brother if it wasn’t illegal. Who knows how Shougo feels about that …

Your typical harem series ending.

This show wasn’t messy. It was clumsy, not good to look at, and the subject matter was unsavory, but it was straightforward and actually had a real mystery in it. Characters were used and more or less forgotten, like Konoe, but Mei actually got to perform plot duties beyond her story arc. But in the end the show had nothing much to say for itself. It was just a harem series with more cliched characters, and, as I said, unsavory overtones.

Binbougami Ga! wasn’t a great show either, but at least it knew how to end a series.

Ichiko rescues the “good” Momiji and so we have an exciting chase before Kumagai and Momou can catch up and dirty Momiji up. It seems pretty straightforward, and entirely wrong for the series, so you know there’s going to be a complication, and we soon get it: if Momiji isn’t dirtied up in a half-hour she’ll cease to be a god at all, but human instead. And while this doesn’t sound too bad from a human perspective, it still isn’t right. What’s weird is Ichiko’s line of thinking. Momiji’d still be around, but human and thus relatively defenseless. Just what Ichiko wanted, right?

It all leads to a senseless moment where Kumagai has cornered good Momiji on a bridge. Momiji was thinking she was doing the right thing, and actually her reasoning makes sense: she can still appeal to Ichiko’s good side as a human. So the show decides to produce a gust of wind to blow her off into the water, ending the argument when it’s just getting started. Cue the dramatic rescue and the subsequent dumping of Momiji into a garbage scow, and we have our happy, if confusing ending.

Until bad Momiji’s triumphant return, the finale’s tone felt more serious than usual, less fun, though we still had moments of what made the show fun. Ranmaru was a delight from the moment she appeared in the series and she had good moments in the finale. The others did their jobs well. Keita isn’t given much to do except have a brief but important but pointless discussion with Ichiko where he tells her what she already knows. Oh well. As I said before, this wasn’t the best series in the world by any means, but it delivered what it promised, a load of slapstick violence, fanservice and shouting. There should be a series like this every season. Well, there usually is.

One more of Ranmaru.

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