Twos: Busters, Ixion, Panzer, Pet, and goodbye Darkness.

I agree with the three on the right.

Little Busters is certainly charming even if doesn’t make sense at times. Riki chats up a weirdo (well, they all are) named Kamikita, who goes on about being happy, sweets, and other adorable things. In the meantime Rin (or maybe Riki) encounters a message tied to a cat telling her (or him) about a secret and to reveal it they must clean out a storage shed. Which they do, with Kamikita, in adorable fashion. Then it’s time for an adorable baseball skills test. It’s a shame Kamikita’s voice gets on my nerves as she’s talking or at least exclaiming about everything she sees. Though it’s cute how Rin is so shy around her, even if it doesn’t make sense considering her attempt to recruit girls for the team last week which did not causes her to hide, shaking. Meanwhile, the show adds a few drops of foreshadowing, like that note, and Riki’s narcolepsy, but they don’t add up to anything yet.

Ixion Saga DT 2 gives us another showdown between DT, I mean Kon, and Erec, who is out for revenge for the loss of a testicle after the first fight. The show gets a lot of mileage out of that missing ball, embarrassing jokes, his now lopsided walk, and the fact that he can aim or even run straight anymore, which DT, er, Kon, takes full advantage of in their second epic battle. As for Kon, he bristles a lot because he’s commanded to escort the princess to her marriage, which MUST happen or the world breaks into chaos, and all he wants to do is go home, while it’s become obvious that he’s been sent there for a reason. You know, that sword that only glows when he wields it, and that smirking babe watching from a distance … Finally, he shows some common sense. He needs help getting home and these people he’s allied with can help him, if he helps them. Sounds fair enough. The show continues to be good at taking threatening situations and turning them into slapstick. Two episodes in and I’m not yet bored enough to drop it.

Not all the girls are this into it … yet.

As I thought, the WTF element of Girls und Panzer isn’t as effective and some weaknesses began to show in episode 2, but there’s still enough silliness to carry the episode. To start with, the five teams must find all the other four tanks, which have been abandoned somewhere on the base, er, ship. They spend their time after school finding them (which in one case involves looking within the depths of a pond) and then cleaning them up. The days must be awfully long there. The weak part comes after when Miho winds up having all the girls over at her place to bond and suddenly decides she’s actually happy she transferred here. That was quick. The tank instructor arrives the next day in dramatic fashion, but so far her character isn’t all that interesting, though she does order the teams to have a mock battle that very day meaning not only that the automobile team must have actually got the things working, but the girls are driving around with absolutely no training or experience. You can imagine the hilarity. No, you can’t. It’s not all that funny, just cute. The little jokes help, like going onto an online chat for driving instructions, or the line “Apologize to the Finnish” when someone disses their tank. And it’s fun to watch their reaction when the tanks actually move and shoot things. And we meet the team’s newest member, the angsty Reizei, and as the episode ends they’re about to run her over.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 2 basically expands the world of Sorata and the others a little. And it leads me to something I’ve wondered before about these hapless main character boys who get all this shit heaped on him by uncaring fellow students and irresponsible adults. Why doesn’t he just say “fuck you!” to everyone and refuse to do any of it? Okay, we wouldn’t have much of a story otherwise. Getting back to the story, it didn’t feel as lively or fresh as last week, maybe because I saw it after To Love Ru – Darkness and it had too many similarities. Anyway, when he isn’t keeping Mashiro in line or getting flack fro Aoyama for a misunderstanding, Sorata is mulling over the fact that everyone in that dorm of weirdos is a focused, successful genius, with Mashiro at the head of the group, while he has no particular talent and no goal in life. There might be something in this dynamic that can give the series some strength.

I don’t really know if it’s a good idea to add the Darkness to To Love Ru. The new series can’t get any momentum going because it has to flip from comic to evil, and when it’s not one of those it’s trying to get serious. The only thing consistent is the ecchi. Time to drop it.

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