A few quick ones before I take a break for a few days

Chuuibyo Demo koi ga Shitai 3 introduces Dekomori to the show, but I’m not sure that’s such a good thing.

Well, that’s one way to get the requisite numbers to form a club.

What we have here is another we’ll-make-our-own-club episode, a natural extension of a what-club-should-I-join episodes, and usually gets continued as a we-need-five-members episode. We get all of these. For the first category, Yuuta seems uninterested in any club. Rikka goes for the second. No surprise. And calling it the Far Eastern Magic Society isn’t a bad idea, really. Sounds sort of fun, well, until you see what sort of magic Rikka’s interested in. But we get an interesting twist when Yuuta, bored at the recruiting table, even after Kumin joins and they add naps to the name, goes to check out Shinka trying out for the cheerleading squad. Is that why Rikka suddenly forgets her own club and tries out, too? Or did it actually look fun to her and she did it impulsively, before her affectations kicked in? Never mind, we get a few amusing scenes with the cheerleading club and the drama club, where we see that Rikka is good at improvisation but a little narrow in her focus.

Dekomori gets wrapped up in her delusions. … Get it?? BHAHAHAHA!

For the third step Rikka brings in Dekomori, who is maybe more delusional than Rikka and has long pigtails which almost immediately lead to sight gags. Now, I gotta say Yuuta isn’t very surprised to wake up one morning and finding this strange girl sitting on top of him. Maybe he’s used to it, maybe Rikka or one of his younger sisters does it to him now and then. He also has no qualms about tying her up with her own hair, but I won’t go into that here. The problem with Dekomori is she’s more of the same. Different weaponry, but the same mind-set. Her imaginary battle with Rikka was enjoyable but I can’t see her bringing anything really new to the show. Now, Shinka joining the club, er, circle, that’s different. She’s not delusional. She’s utterly normal. We have no idea why she’d want to join. I find this a lot more interesting. And it means that if Yuuta actually joins (and no doubt he will now) we’ll have an interesting love triangle going on.

Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb 3 feels like the real first episode. No one’s off on a trip. Instead, for part one, all the girls are stuck in the building when a big storm blows in on the last day of summer vacation. There’s no food, so it’s off to Hiro’s room! I feel sorry for Hiro sometimes. The only time anyone helps her cook is to get a laugh, or it’s a big occasion, like their classic tomato episode last season. And if Nazuna hadn’t thought to bring a deck of cards, the girls would have succumbed to cabin fever and, well, no they wouldn’t. They’d just talk. They’re great at that.

The second half happens the very next day, odd for a show that jumps times and seasons whenever possible (though since Nazuna and Nori joined up they’ve had to get more chronological), when the school starts the semester with a disaster preparation drill. Since it’s not possible to sit around a table and talk we get a lot of quick gag scenes instead. Some work. Poor Yuno going through the earthquake simulator, Miyako whipping off her shirt in lieu of a handkerchief, Hiro and Sae’s silent communication, and the principal’s sudden, odd penchant for heights. I’m getting a little tired of Nazuna having to go to the bathroom all the time, though.

‘Cause I said so!

BTOOOM! 3 gives us the infodump that explains everything to everyone involved in this “game.” And frankly, my reaction is “Why are they going through with it?” There’s a very simple thing you can do: refuse. If everyone did that, well, they’d probably kill you, but on the other hand you’re being manipulated into killing others, and you’ll probably die anyway. I get a little tired of shows and movies that insist that this is a dog-eat-dog world and you must be cruel to survive. Maybe the show actually agrees with me and we’ll see some of this rebellion, but, apart from the uneasy alliance Ryouta makes with this Taira guy, I think this is going to be one ugly life story after another. Next week we’ll have to put up with that kid, well, YOU will. I probably won’t watch.

Oh, shut up. Shut up and go away.

Another show on my drop list is CODE:BREAKER. We have more simplistic moral choices here, and what’s more we have the devil’s advocate side of things be a smug, laughing bishie, my least favorite type of character. Every time Ogami gave that condescending laugh of his I wanted to hit fast-forward, and he does it a LOT in episode 2. And we also get that loser’s excuse “Isn’t there a time when you wanted somebody dead?” A cop-out question to evade responsibility for your own actions. It’s a shame, as Sakura is an interesting character and I’d have liked to see more of her. But the idea that there five of these pretty-boys to put up with is too much for me.

I’ll be dropping other shows soon. Real life is making my life interesting again, and I’ve been watching too much for the past couple seasons anyway. In fact, I’m going to be gone from here for the next few days. See you when I get back.

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