Chu2koi 6, Pet na Kanojo 5, Joshiraku finale

It’s looking like not much will really happen in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, but that’s all right. Episode 6 is the best yet. I can’t think of a moment in it that wasn’t fun to watch.

There IS a story here but it pops up almost at random at the halfway point when Isshiki, harem male sidekick, loses his little black, er, green book, and now all the boys in class are suspected of rating the girls in a poll, which is exactly what actually happened. Well, not every boy participated, Yuuta at least didn’t, but due to cruel bias against his gender he’ll be included among the guilty, too. More distressing for Isshiki is that a girl left him a letter and his reputation is at stake. This all unfolds in a bunch of good scenes where, as I said, something interesting is always going on, whether it’s the dialogue between Yuuta and Isshiki or the 360 degree camera turn around Isshiki during a big moment, or some oddness in the background, like that girl who shrieks and runs away when she sees Isshiki declaiming something. The entire episode is full of little bits like that.

When these story scenes aren’t happening, which is often, because it’s not much of a story, we are treated to completely unimportant, nearly random bits which might or might not establish a character a little more (Rikka holding hands at the train stop), but more likely are included because they’re funny or beautiful (the train stop again). There’s a bit where Sanae runs into a door that’s just been closed on her, but it’s in the distance, hardly visible, yet I laughed out loud. “My servant-o!” In fact, the group scenes have so much going on that there’s hardly space in them to squeeze the story in. When they do, near the end, there’s a sort of redemption and show of support for Isshiki and wild laughter from the others, for obvious reasons. Excellent episode.

I thought Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo had pretty much set up its situation last episode when Mashiro decided to stay. But apparently they decided to make the Sakurasou household a little bigger by adding Aoyama. It makes sense for the story (she’s a fun character and now we’ll get to see more of her) and for Aoyama herself. She’s paying her own tuition and rent, and she’s working too-many part-time jobs already. Naturally she’d want to move into a cheaper dorm where a good friend and possible romantic interest lives. Now we can sit back and watch the jealousy stuff begin … only it doesn’t. We get the expected misunderstandings when she sees how much Sorata does for Mashiro, but once she sees how it really is she does what I should have predicted, she decides to take care of Mashiro herself. Logical choice. She’s the only girl there who’s not an irresponsible adult or an alien. So instead the episode’s conflict lies with Aoyama trying to juggle school, work, AND Mashiro while Sorata tries to talk her out of it. I had expected embarrassing coed hijinks (and there was some of that) and got a different story instead. Glad to see the series remains unpredictable.

No surprise that the Joshiraku girls know it’s their last episode. It doesn’t stop them from putting together a good finale. They start by introducing a new character, Irritatei Anoingu, who lives up to her name and tries to steal the show by imitating the other characters and making her own OP. The field trip this time is Akihabara and feels more sedate than some of the others. Maybe it was that bridge. Then finally they return to riffing on a single concept, adding something to something that shouldn’t be added, I think, including making an anime out of a manga. Also using a bowl to protect Gankyu’s modesty, though I’m not sure how that works in all this. But it feels bittersweet when Marii is called to perform, and we catch the first part of her story about things ending until the mask closes the stage door.

2 thoughts on “Chu2koi 6, Pet na Kanojo 5, Joshiraku finale

  1. Do you get a sense that it really was a guy playing a prank on Isshiki? The guys either saw that he was at the tree, or one of them knew that he would be there and got the others to follow him.

    This episode of Sakurasou made more sense than the last one, which is welcome.

    1. Nah, I’m hoping it was legit. If the other boys knew why he was there they surely would have left the man who took one for the team alone, maybe watching from the bushes and whispering ganbattane. The poor girl was probably scared off.

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