Psycho-Pass 5, Polar Bear 32, K 6

Unconventional police work.

Psycho-Pass‘s attitude toward new technology and the people who use them seem to be as old-fashioned as any other show. Many of the characters seemed unaware of the social networks’ size and significance, while others wonder why people would bother. Only Akane, the youngest, seems to understand the what’s going on. Masaoka seems to have it both ways as he paints flowers while others are plugged in, yet can quote Rousseau and discuss how humans are basically social animals and suggest the online world is another reflection of this (in an other wise confusing speech I’m still trying to find a purpose for, though I like the bottle of booze he plunked down if only for its later, practical use). And we see it later when the team try to raid a couple of places only to find that the enemies had set up little tricks that might seem obvious to us (well, maybe not the interior hologram distortion) but befuddle and nearly kill the police. Though it’s Masaoka who finds a way out of the hologram trap using two practical, physical items, the booze and a lighter.

Conventional police work.

As far as the episode goes, it’s a basic police procedural with a “acquaintance of hero gets killed” twist, meaning we get two scenes where Akane stares off at nothing allowing the more experienced cops to drop some condolence and advice on her. Their method for pinpointing the person now doing the avatars felt smart and was a combination of statistical data analysis and human insight. And it’s not over. The people really responsble for all this are still smiling smugly in the background. I figure they’re going to the official series villains. In all it was an interesting story, even if the ideas of avatars being the pure creation of users’ expectations fell flat, and if that one cop didn’t notice that electric eye trigger.

Polar Bear’s backyard has a lot of fun things.

On Polar Bear’s Cafe 32 we learn all about Polar Bear’s yard. We already know there’s a terrace there and a cherry tree, but did you know that the cafe grows its own vegetables, and the garden is tended by kangaroos? You remember that they roast their own coffee with the help of red squirrels, but did you know that Polar Bear also employs Lemurs to make their mozarella from water buffalo milk? They also grow herbs, but no one seems to be in charge of that. And there’s a driving range, basketball court, and two mysterious paths that I wish they had gone up, but also wish that they don’t. Like Snoopy’s doghouse, some things must remain a mystery. The second half isn’t bad but we’ve already seen the penguins try to unload their surplus cards, and a penguin hero action show doesn’t sound very interesting to me. Question: why doesn’t our Penguin-san participate in these meetings? Or why isn’t he invited?

Oh, for the love of god, don’t sing! Don’t … No wonder he got murdered.

K 6 is better than last week’s but that’s not saying much. We spend much of the time with Shiro and Kuroh (Neko runs away at some point) and watch as Shiro’s perceived world begins to break down. He calls Kukuri, who does not know who he is. His parents’ phone isn’t reachable and even his house is gone. He treats this all with a tragic bewilderment while I, for about the first time all series, really want to know what’s going on. It’s the only reason I’m going to watch next week. The other half gives us Totsuka’s story, starting as a kid following Mikoto around, finally getting in with the gang in spite of his non-violence. He says an important line to Mikito about his powers being only used for good, etc, but otherwise he’s a complete bore. He even sings folk songs (and worse, we have to hear one)! So when he gets shot by the colorless king or Shiro, it’s supposed to be a great tragedy, but I can only breathe a sigh of relief.

2 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass 5, Polar Bear 32, K 6

  1. The Dominators didn’t malfunction this week.

    It appears that aside for people with powers/those associated with kings, nobody can recall anything about Shiro’s existence unless he is in their immediate vicinity.

  2. My gut reaction to you Shiro theory is no, unless it’s a new phenomenon. And it wouldn’t explain the stadium where his house should be. Though it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he returns to the hign school. Does that photo Kukuri has still exist? A lot of tantalizing questions that I’m fairly confident the show will screw up.

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