Jojo 6, SAO 19, Shinki 6

Because he’s underwater, you see.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 6, at least the first half, went about the way I expected. Bruford turns out to have a noble soul underneath that zombie bloodlust, and it was just a matter of getting Jojo to realize it and appeal to the monster’s unmonsterous side. Getting him out of that underwater predicament was the easy part, since water, you know, has a lot of ripple potential. After that, there’s a matter of a tree Jojo’s tied to and the final blow, which is to not fight back. After that it’s noble speeches time, and Bruford falls apart (and, presumably, forms Earthworks, because, you know, he’s in the earth now … get it?), and the handing over of that sword, changing the word the queen once wrote on it with his blood. Some things don’t translate well, and this poignant moment actually made me laugh. Now they have Tarkus to deal with.

‘Clear the battlefield and let me see …’

No hope for salvation for this guy. In the episode’s biggest WTF moment (and in this series that’s saying a lot) Jojo and Zepeli form a hang glider out of fallen leaves and magnetism! But Tarkus leaps incredibly! Uh, well, skipping a bit, Jojo’s in trouble again, chained to the ceiling by his neck in a knight’s duel setup, so it’s time for that kid Poco to have his painful flashback and breakthrough from wimpy, cowardly kid to brave defender of truth and goodness! I’m glad. I thought the episode had forgotten about him after all he’s done for the heroes … wait, what HAS he done? Meanwhile, poor Speedwagon can’t manage to do anything again. I’d make a comment about the band he’s named after, but that’s not nice. Speaking of which, I used to have the Tarkus album (what’s more, I LIKED it!), and as I recall from the badly drawn story on the cover the Tarkus gets an eye gouged out. Let’s see if that happens to Jojo’s Tarkus.

Sword Art Online 19 is a distraction from the main story in a situation where Kirito can’t afford distractions. First he and Leafa head toward Lugru (looks like a nice place to visit) but they’re set upon by a bunch of salamanders. Kirito, supposedly just casting an illusion, turns into a real monster and then has to explain that he didn’t know how it happened, though it was fun to eat people. In other words, he can laugh it off, but I’m scratching my head. How many more times is he going to ship out something so improbable? Though it did lead to a fun scene where Leafa tries to threaten info out of the survivor but fails, while Kirito succeeds with bribery. While he wasn’t against killing characters during the fight, learning that this survivor was just some low-rank Joe changes your attitude.

He’s kind of like Touma in that respect.

Then comes the distraction. Leafa learns that her leader has sold out to the Salamanders and plans to raid a treaty ceremony. This apparently has nothing to do with Kirito’s getting up that tree, which means it probably does, but not knowing that he agrees to help Leafa anyway. You have to admire that often inefficient and distracting sense of humanity he’s got. An entertaining enough episode, even if it doesn’t appear to take the story anywhere.

The red wire … No! The blue one! Wait, lemme think.

Busou Shinki 6 is as silly as the rest of them. On the plane back from Okinawa the shinkis discover little shinki terrorists with a time bomb! The fight is on! Two things I liked. The terrorists are all the same model as Ann, so it’s impossible for terrorist or friend to tell them apart. The other thing is a terrorist shinki’s declaration that she would die on her masters orders, … hold on, I’m assuming the master’s actually on the plane. Okay, no robotic law commentaries here. So there’s only one thing I liked. As for things I didn’t like, well, too many of them. After Strarf won her little fight why didn’t she go back and help the others? She just stands there in that pose. But the thing to dislike most was the ending, hands down.

6 thoughts on “Jojo 6, SAO 19, Shinki 6

  1. SAO- I liked the Kirito-monster. I thought it was very meta. An illusory monster (that might be more than illusion) within a virtual game (that might be more than illusion, too).

    I was getting upset with Kirito. I thought his priorities were messed up. The actual girl he loves is in real trouble. I mean, I do get the point he made in his little monologue. When I play RPGs, sometimes I try to play like an evil bad-ass, just for fun. And, I can’t do it. I always revert to trying to help out. Even though it is not “real”. In Demon Souls, I never attack the boss in the painted world; she doesn’t attack me and will let me escape the room if I leave her be. To attack her would just be… wrong.

    BUT, if my love’s consciousness were trapped somewhere in a computer and I had to wipe out some NPCs to get to her, or play the evil guy, I would do it without hesitation. My priority would be real person in danger over virtual characters. Thus, my getting upset with Kirito. Then again, he has been in this kind of world so long- he must be thinking, what is virtual, what is real? When is just playing evil, evil? Very existential, very meta.

  2. Kirito’s had this virtual vs real thing going on for a while now. Remember when Asuna found him napping and he pointed out that they were in this world, virtual or not, so you might as well enjoy it. And even in this new game where it doesn’t matter if you “die,” he still has the mindset that people around him are precious.

  3. I’d be shocked if Barone Zeppeli were to lose his life in the battle against Tarkus. I hope his comment just shows that he doesn’t fear death, and that it doesn’t actually give away his death in the next episode. Who would continue to teach Jojo if he perished?

    I think that Leafa was incorrect when she stated that Kirito was casting an illusion spell. The Salamanders actually believed that he had extended reach, which illusions do not have. Kirito himself stated that he should stick to being a melee fighter when he entered the cave, and sometime after the battle, he even noted that Yui was the one who told him about the spell, and being the good daughter that she is, she would have told her Papa about a spell that suits his battle style. All of this points to it being a transformation spell, and not an illusion spell.

    Yeah, the ending in Busou Shinki was a cop-out, although it was expected, because if the explosion actually occurred, the show’s main Shinki would be out of completely out of commission.

  4. All signs point to a noble death by Zeppeli, but I hope survives too. I like his fashion sense. I want a hat like that!

    As for Kirito’s spell, the problem was that it just came out of nowhere, like that special ability he just happened to have back in the first world.

    I think the plane would have been out of commission, and since it was flying at the time it would be most inconvenient!

  5. Kirito is just overpowered. I’m pretty sure that he knew that spell because Yui can read all of the game’s coding, so she effectively knows every spell. He had the Dual Blades because he apparently had a better reaction time than all other players, and the creator set that as the requirement for gaining the ability.

    Yeah, the plane would also have been out of commission if the explosion had actually occurred.

  6. That’s fine for Kirito, but to us the viewer it seems that every time he’s in a desperate situation (and Asuna’s not around) he pulls another unmentioned superpower out of his ass.

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