Sukitte and Busters 6, Spacebros 32, and a Wooser screenshot

Memgumi makes a straightforward play for Yamato.

Sukitte Ii na yo 6 is interesting from a high school romance anime story because it invents an improbable and contrived conflict yet doesn’t fall into any of the usual traps. We meet Megumi, a popular model who just happens to transfer to Mei and Yamato’s school, funny how that happens. She sees Yamato and makes a play for him. That’s par for the course. Yamato turns her down. Okay. Yet Mei, desperately trying to make edible cookies for him, grows worried and her self-esteem drops. That’s to be expected, too. I guess in her mind Megumi’s glamorous and she is, well, she’s not; instead she’s doing wife-material girlfriend things. It doesn’t seem fair.

Part of a more subtle plan.

It’s not really fair to describe the situation that way, either. In episodes like these you’d expect Megumi to be either standoffish to her classmates or falsely friendly while secretly scheming. But Megumi doesn’t show a bit of standoffishness; she’s kind even to the star-struck wimpy boys that surround her now. She’s also nice to the girls. If she is faking it the episode gives no indication. She seems genuinely delighted when some of them visit her at a photoshoot. I’m not saying she doesn’t have designs on Yamato and sees Mei as an obstacle to overcome, in fact, she doesn’t respond much to Mei, though Mei isn’t exactly going out of her way to interact with her, either. In fact, asking him to model with her at a shoot should make her plans obvious. But if she’s going to take Yamato away it looks like she intends to do it fairly, all aboveboard. Knowing Yamato it probably won’t work, but she’s won the first round by making Mei feel miserable watching her and Yamato, a “perfect couple,” pose together. And her willingness to go along with the photoshoot thing to show what a good sport she is might have sent the wrong signals to Yamato, who seems to want maybe not jealousy, but more of a sense that she needs him. She could start by calling him by his given name …

Scarier than space.

Meanwhile, in Space Brothers 32, Mutta’s story is again rightfully sidelined while we dwell on Hibito for another episode, and probably at least the next as well. This time we are introduced to his crewmates in space, well, the male ones. We haven’t seen the last of them. The show manages to keep the sense of wonder afloat but it’s nothing compared to last week’s launch. Next week they walk on the moon so that should bring it back. On Earth, meanwhile, they take care of plot points. Mutta again courts disaster by sitting with Azuma’s family and asking the question: did he defer in favor of Hibito? After he says that we spend some time in Azuma’s head, and we learn the answer is complicated. We see that he hated the limelight and hated even more that it also shone on his wife and son. Brian Jay brings up the idea that it keeps him from fully enjoying his work. As for Mutta, it’s another score as he meets the man’s much friendlier family and makes a small crack in the older man’s facade.

Little Busters 6 manages a genuinely emotional moment at the end of the Komari arc, so it wasn’t a total waste. We learn that Komari wasn’t just blocking out a single sad moment in her life, but any time death comes near her she goes through the same thing. Thus she goes from a girl with some emotional issues who’s in denial, to someone who might me mentally ill, not that it matter to the show. She goes through much of the episode dull-eyed and calling Riki “Onii-chan,” a bit of a relief to me because she’s quieter than before. But Riki has to “cure” her and does so in predictable fashion, continuing the story Komari’s dead brother wrote for her (Her brother had a strange sense of humor, reading her stories involving death and making that weird chicken-egg tale) so it included friends, and bingo! She’s all better after so many years! I hate that sort of thing, but they had built up enough emotion that I admit it had an effect on me. And now her arc is over and next we get a pink-hair girl who appears to be more interesting.

As for Wooser, I have no idea what they were doing through much of episode 6.

Not a clue.

2 thoughts on “Sukitte and Busters 6, Spacebros 32, and a Wooser screenshot

  1. I got really bad vibes from Megumi, even moreso than with Hayakawa. I think her true personality was what she displayed with her play towards Yamato. Like Hayakawa, Megumi had no qualms about illicit relationships and wanted Yamato by her side, much like Hayakawa suggested that Mei do for him. She even made a condescending comment that implied that other people were beneath her. I think she adjusted quickly after seeing that this sort of approach wouldn’t work on Yamato, which differentiates her from Hayakawa as he is pretty unflexible in terms of behavior, and I don’t think that her apology was sincere. Maybe it is because the anime has already shown us Hayakawa that I am trying to look for the worst in the characters, but I think Megumi may have bought 100+ cell phones, and added herself to fill up space. I think she is trying to get close to Asami because she is one of Yamato’s friends, and perhaps because she is also Mei’s friend. Doing this could allow her to alienate Mei later on.

    Mei is not too happy at the moment, because she can’t even follow basic recipes that a much younger girl can handle, and she has previously wondered about whether Yamato would prefer other company since the difference between his social status and her own was very, very significant, making what has developed recently a problem. With Megumi taking more of Yamato’s time from Mei both in and out of school, and with everybody buying into the idea of a power couple between Megumi and Yamato, her insecurities are probably having a feast. If Megumi suggests to Yamato that they kiss each other to strengthen the effect on a pose, I hope that Yamato has the sense to not do it. He has already given pity sex to somebody, and now that he is in his first serious relationship, he needs to be more self-aware about his actions.

    I still get the sense of the episode being a story about Mutta, even when the focus isn’t entirely on him. With Hibito (I almost called him Kirito), it’s like his entire character is just present to make Mutta want to go into space, and he leaves little impression on me.

    I’m glad that Komari’s arc is over. Her voice is so grating and I hope the material is better for the next arc, as I found the material for the first arc being very lacking.

  2. You may well be right about Megumi, but I don’t begrudge things like the cell phone bit. She probably gets hit on by boys all the time and has techniques to keep them at bay while not hurting their feelings. I still think there’s nothing insidious about her. She might be thinking she can win Yamato with her looks and charisma (and peer pressure). Normally, this wouldn’t work, but Mei might be backed into a corner here, with her self-doubt rising and a possibly alienated boyfriend.

    I’m going to give Little Busters one more arc to make itself interesting. I recall that even KyoAni had trouble with the Key childish girl characters. Uguu!

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