Tonari 7, Bakuman3 and Pet 6

I can’t tell if their relationship is progressing or not.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun doesn’t seem to care if it makes any progress toward a happy couple ending or not. We start with Haru’s dead aunt Kyoko, whose practical life aphorisms have gone whoosh over his head until recently. It’s a testament either to the show or to Haru’s strange way of thinking that she only appears in his mind now and that he seems to have no real emotions either way about her passing. After that we get the first of a couple nice chats between him and Oshima, who’s happier these days, while Haru doesn’t seem sad as much as bewildered by Shizuku’s recent dumping. So he tells her he loves her and they start to fight. Much is made about how odd Haru’s behaving but I’m not seeing any difference. Meanwhile, Shizuku’s grades have recovered but Haru’s still ahead. That blond guy shows up again (same cram school as Shizuku), Haru hits an upperclassman when he shoves Shizuku … Things you could find in any episode so far, almost randomly tossed together. The main points are that Shizuku at the end finds her heart getting thumpity over Haru when he breaches her two-meter space, there’s a cultural festival episode coming up, and Haru has a dead aunt. Not to say it was a bad episode, in fact, most of the scenes were entertaining in their own right, but at the end of it they’re still separate and Haru’s still acting up.

On the other hand, Bakuman 3 6 cluttered with events. At the beginning our boys and girl have entered the Super Leaders Fest, where the top five talents for JACK are contributing, but since Takagi is helping out with Shiratori’s new work Mashiro asks to do it alone. The path that follows becomes almost impossible to follow. Mashiro wants to do a love story, so does Aoki, so does Eiji(!), and it becomes a Super Leaders Love Fest instead. So Mashiro struggles with his love story and Tagaki struggles with the dog story, both start think that something’s wrong. Takagi is spending so much time with Shiratori and that dog that Mashiro begins to wonders if he cares about PCB and even Kaya is worried. Er, other stuff happens involving stuff and the next thing you know the boys are slugging each other in the park (in that bonding, manly way all men do but freaks out Kaya), and the next NEXT thing you know the whole Love Fest business is history. It’s feeling like the series is trying to do too much, maybe trying to squeeze in the entire story into this final series. Because it’s being rushed I’m enjoying it less. Slow down, guys! Work slowly toward your goal, like your heroes and Miho are doing.

Meanwhile, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 6 does pretty much what we expect it to, and like the last arc it got a little confusing along the way. Aoyama is on Mashiro duty, working her jobs, going to school and doing some unspecified voice actress thing, meaning that in every other scene she’s in she nearly collapses, and naturally, om the big day, she collapses for real. The confusion comes when Mashiro begs the others to let her go to the event anyway, in spite of her fever and being unable to walk. She’s worked so hard for it! So, after some complications added by Chihiro she escapes to the event … and fucks up, to the point where her fellow voice actors are shouting “Why didn’t you stay in bed?” The point is made that Aoyama would have kept pushing herself until exactly this happened, or someone acknowledged how hard she was working. I’m not so sure about the latter choice since people have been telling her that for two episodes now. I think working herself nearly to death is the better indicator. Elsewhere we get progress (if you can call it that) on the Misaki/Jin non-romance front, with Jin planning to move away for college and not to tell Misaki, and Misaki asking Sorata how to get Jin to notice her. Nothing but heartbreak in that scenario. What fun.

2 thoughts on “Tonari 7, Bakuman3 and Pet 6

  1. Shizuku finally showed negative responses to Haru’s actions…

    In episode 1, he tackled her to the ground. There wasn’t much of a reaction from her. He threatened to rape her, and she followed him despite him being a stranger and had the opportunity to escape. When Haru punched her right in the face, she didn’t onject to that. What she had a problem with was his superior grades. No protest when Haru tested out a scenario from a piece of fiction with his sudden kiss. Later in episode 4, Haru puts a hand over her mouth much like in episode 1 and snaps at her when Shizuku tries to learn more about him. She responds by inviting him to her house.

    It was nice to see her note that she was uncomfortable with his stares at her chest and his licking,of her.

  2. Oh, she’s shown negative responses before. Remember her outburst when he elbowed her in episode one. Other times she obviously doesn’t like whatever he’s doing, but then recalls that he’s just like that, I guess. But she IS too forgiving, unfortunately people in love are like that sometimes.

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