Honeycomb and Jojo 7, Robotics 6

It’s been a while since we’ve had two Hidamari Sketch – Honeycomb parts both devoted to Yuno. I don’t know if there’s been an episode like that all season. Well, episode 7 makes up for it. It’s a full episode of good things happening to Yuno!

Basking in the glow of Yuno’s creation.

The episode feels like it wants to have fun after the sentiment of last week. It feels more playful all around. Even those cards between gags are more fun (I loved the “shoujo manga Miyako”). First, her class is assigned to make brochure designs for the upcoming cultural festival, the best one being used. It’s a chance for her trade lines with Miyako, who as usual is as carefree as Yuno is stressed. while being creative. It’s as entertaining as all the other such scenes we’ve had through the seasons–and it has an imporant difference. Yuno wins! The show has never been concerned with showing us how the characters mature as artists; all we’ve seen in fact is Yuno’s work being ranked rather low, leading to her usual self-esteem moments. This is the first time the show has ever suggested she’s improved. She’s certainly tougher now. When the time was running out she remembered what happened last year, buckles down, and finishes. After that it’s all congrats and watching her nose grow. And besides Yuno’s “Preparations …” drawing we also get the return of the infamous bust of the Principal by Yoshinoya.

So Yuno has plenty to be happy about, but in the second half she gets more when Arisawa calls out of the blue. I looked for hidden meanings here but really couldn’t find any, but it’s still rather odd. As far as we know they met twice last season and got along great, but why would Arisawa suddenly call her out of the blue after graduating and heading to college? All I could think of (ignoring the yuri undertones, even with the restaurant they choose) is that Arisawa is a little lonely, or homesick for high school, in spite of how great she says everything is, but I think I’m reading too much into it. There’s a brief return to sentiment when Arisawa makes the point about not letting go of friends; that brings us back to Hiro’s episode last week, but with no tears shed. So it was a great episode for Yuno; I doubt shell get another one like it this season. Enjoy it, Yuno!

A crisis in the mundane half.

Last week Robotics Notes looked to be discarding the “plucky kids build a robot for competition against all odds” in favor of the more sinister thing about the sun blowing up or something. This week it’s the opposite. There is some of the latter here in episode 6, with Kaito going down the spooky stairway and findng a big machine that’s transmitting a signal into space, but that discovery is left there as if the creators signed out of the game at just that point, and we move to the plucky kids part, though Akiho, frankly, is about the only plucky one, the rest there by the sheer force of her enthusiasm, or something. And it takes a classic turn when Subaru’s father shows up for a “I told you never to ___” scene and references from two characters about the death of a dream (different dreams, though). The question is how long is the show going to tell these two stories at once? Furugoori seems to be a key to combining them but she refuses to come out, just snickers from her bunker. I don’t mind, really. I like both the stories and I’m looking forward to where it’s all heading; I just wonder how long it will take.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 7 is a little disappointing. After a big buildup for Zeppeli’s epic battle with Tarkus he’s pretty much incapacitated (cut in half) only a couple of minutes into it. Yeah yeah, he gives his life force and his biggest power (SUPREME DEEP PASS OVERDRIVE!!) to Jojo before he goes, but I expected more from him. As it turns out, he’s cut in two, Jojo gets his power, and destroys Tarkus with half the episode to go. All that’s left is Zeppeli’s dying inspirational speech while Jojo holds him up like a ventriliquist’s dummy and we move on to the next part which is basically Dio acting evil and Jojo and Speedwagon (who does nothing again except declaim how cruel something is then giving out a huge scream) meeting Sage Tompeti (Zeppeli’s tutor) and his disciples (sigh) Dire and Straits. And there’s a town full of Zombies, and Poco’s sister … Yeah, could have been better. Let’s see if Zombie-town is any fun.

Oh yeah, and I watched this.

He gets eaten, but he’s died before.

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