Space Bros 33, SAO 20, Busters 7

Of course, Kirito’s annoying detour in Sword Art Online to break up a peace-treaty ambush instead of heading straight for the World Tree and Asuna (who finally uses that code to sneak out, by the way, after three or so episodes) works to his advantage, as the two sides on the peace treaty are so grateful they’ll take him with them. Even the ambushing Salamanders don’t have a problem with that. The best part of the episode, apart from the good fight, was the reaction of the losing side when their boss gets clobbered (variations of “Awesome fight!”). It reminded us that for everyone involved but one, this is just a game, and the loser behaved like it was a friendly duel. But this isn’t a game for Kirito. And while he did build up some support it’s time he got on with the rescue. Stop flirting with the sexy ambassadors and priestesses (be fair, they were doing the flirting) and get on with it! Good fight, though. And nice scenery.


Space Brothers 33 gives us the third episode in a row where the plot sort of stands still but you can’t complain because of the circumstances. This time Hibito takes his first steps on the moon. Yaay! It’s a good episode because it does what the show always does well: it treats the great achievements with the respect they deserve while reminding us that these great achievers are human beings and capable of acting goofy. The two are mixed almost perfectly. I imagine that if I walked on the moon I’d probably sound like the Onion. There’s also Apo, er, Mutta’s video message just before the big event, and of course the parents. While all this history and humor are being tossed about, Mutta can only smile and cry (both!). We’ll get back to him next week.

I thought Little Busters would get better after the Komari arc ended and we focused on a new character, but …

Haruka’s voice isn’t as squeakily annoying as Komari’s is, but it’s bad enough. There’s some value to her almost pathological need to stir things up by playing pranks, but like about half the characters in this show, she’s needlessly obtuse about basic things. The other new characters introduced this week aren’t terribly interesting either. Futuki is a typical harsh authoritarian figure (and skimming Wikipedia to make sure I spelled the name right I learned another fact about her that will come as a surprise to no one), that little thing, Kud … is she new? She seems to be another of the hapless variety like Komari. Meanwhile the rest of the series has degenerated to people making fun of Masato, baseball practice … and that’s it, really. Rin, about the only character in the series who’s actually fun to watch, gets a little to do this week, but not enough.

2 thoughts on “Space Bros 33, SAO 20, Busters 7

  1. Yeah, the fight in SAO was nice. Usually, SAO has tons of still frames in battle, so this was a nice change. I’m still shocked that Kirito never thought of buying a second sword for himself considering that he can just give out 100,000 Yuld to other people.

    I pretty much agree on this Space Brothers episode.

    Don’t forget that Haruka played peek-a-boo with herself. Little Busters! is just really grating on me. I guess in that sense, it’s the opposite of K for me, since that show just leaves litte impression at all.

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