noitaminA sevens

Robotics;Notes 7 reminds me a lot of that turning point in Steins;Gate, except that no one’s taken a bullet in the forehead yet.

How many of these scene are we going to get?

In both shows the characters dither in a lighthearted way for many episodes until the plot shows up: WHAM! In this show the kids go through their usual routine of getting that big robot on its feet, or in Kaito’s case, not caring, while sinister workings continue underneath, until the end where a lot of black suits and one girl in black cars show up demanding answers. Well, it beats a bullet in the forehead. I’m growing less patient with Akiho’s obviously pointless dream of winning that robo competition and more intrigued with the other stuff. The former means ANOTHER visit to that old guy and more soul-selling to Michie’s brother or whatever, that CEO guy full of impact. And they get parts. Subaru sneaks back to see how they’re doing. Kaito doesn’t care either way. And as usual there’s a lot of talk about broken dreams from Subaru. It’s more of the same and I don’t see how they can work that in with the other, much more interesting story unless they actually build that M45 and it goes amok. Hmm …

I think the plot’s kicking in.

With the other, much more interesting story we have Airi asking Kaito innocent questions, flashbacks to Misaki visiting the old man like her younger sister does now and showing off the same eagerness and gleaming eyes Akiho does now (and in another flashback she talks about her broken dreams much like Subaru does now), which makes you wonder why Misaki looks so brain-dead now at press conferences concerning robots gone amok, another part of the secret story. And there’s Furugoori inviting Kaito to her lair to huddle under blankets, lure out cheaters in the game she invented, and tell him the story about the Gunvarrel final episode murders, and her mom. Oh, and to ask about Kaito’s “condition.” And there’s that solar flares thing, and “Kogame Kogame” playing on that mysterious transmitter AND on everyone’s phone just when the black cars show up. They’ve been letting the mysterious, fun stuff perculate underneath for several episodes now; now there’s so much of it it’s beginning to spill over. I’m really intrigued by it. Now it looks like the show’ll start putting it together at last! I just hope there aren’t any bullets to Akiho’s forehead or anything like that.

We sort of figured that out already. How about some story movement, please?

Psycho-Pass 7 is mostly talk. The first victim appears and it allows the cops to talk. Shinya, too emotionally involved in the case, is dismissed from it, and Akane is told to watch him. So they talk about how Shinya’s old partner (who seems like a complete asshole to me) died and how there are no leads. Meanwhile, the cops still on the case talk about how they have no leads. We move on to the girls academy and find more talk (Oh, I forgot, the daughter Ouryou has a one-sided conversation with her vegetable father early on) about how girls are vanishing. Then there’s the centerpiece talk where Makishima fills us in on a syndome caused by too much stress-relieving treatment, basically what did in the older Ouryou. Philosophers are quoted and Beethoven’s ninth plays. Then Ouryou has another one-sided talk, or maybe it came before, and then another one with Choe Gu-Sung, this one about Makishima, and finally some action involving a taser. And then more talk. And we don’t really learn a lot. There’s still no clue about the girl’s motive apart from a line about her father only going halfway with his sadistic drawings; even Makishima doesn’t know, and the cops are no closer to solving it than before.

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