Sukitte 8, Spacebros 34, Lagrange12.5

One of the things I like about Sukitte Ii na yo 8 is that the romance is messier than the usual anime. It doesn’t have the lovers overcome some obstacle like a boss in a game that leaves them happy ever after (though shows like that can be fun too). Things linger in this show; people find it hard to forget.

Yamato founces off for something she said relating to things he did.

We still have the moments like in other series where the characters are being unrealistically dense and you want to slap them around. Yamato, you should have told Mei flat out about going to Megumi’s apartment the first time you did it. You especially shouldn’t have gone again and again without telling her. And you, Mai, you should have told him how upset you are sooner. Because you didn’t and bottled it and just said “it’s okay” all the time he doesn’t know what to do around you anymore!

Anime characters never listen to me when I lecture them.

It leads to a downer of an episode interrupted by that guy with the hair, whom we learn (because he says it out loud for no reason in particular) that he’s moved to town and will be attending Mei’s school. He seemed sort of threatening at first (the hair?) but anyone who can express such love for a theme park can’t be all bad.

The girl who didn’t get the guy gives love advice to the guy she didn’t get.

Well, they got it cleared up, sort of. We’re not sure what residual damage has been done, and that’s what I meant when I used the word “messy.” Sure, Yamato apologized (after Aiko verbally slapped him around) and they’re picking up the stones from the broken bracelet (rather a cheesy bit of symbolism, I thought), but I don’t think Mei has completely forgiven him. And Yamato still doesn’t really know how to handle her, if that’s the word, or maybe it’s handle himself, and she isn’t giving him much help. Is Aiko going to have to slap them around every time there’s another misunderstanding? Surely she has better things to do, like planning a healthy diet for herself (and not those donuts). One more thing, can we please lose the “overheard classmates” shtick? Every time the show wants to stick it to Mei they have two girls pass by talking about what a great couple Yamato and Megumi would be. It’s three episodes in a row, I think.

Space Brothers 34 starts with Hibito on the moon, skipping around like an idiot (every time I see him in that suit I think of Tintin in “Explorers of the Moon”) and seeing a little flash of light. It will be nice to see if they explained this one. They never did explain the UFO the kids saw, and I realize these oddities in space are as much driven by poetry as by plot, but part of me wants to know what that was flash he saw was. Other than that we had to put up with the highly trained astronauts talking out loud about chores they would never bother to discuss in real life for the benefit of we, the viewer. But Hibito manages to settle most of these problems by stepping in and being Hibito.

I thought it would be appropriate if the episode stayed on the moon, but instead we switch back to Mutta, his parents, and Apo. Some of it is inspiring. I liked him seeing others in his building putting up telescopes on their balconies. I liked how every item in the store is branded with the moon, or Hibito. For personal nostalgia’s sake I had hoped for space food sticks. What these scenes also did was distract us from worrying about the astronaut applications. We’re not reminded of it until Mutta starts obsessing about his luck levels in his typical, Mutta way. It’s only at the episode’s end that the atmosphere gets tense and phone calls start coming in. And guess what? We have to wait until next week. Did you expect anything else from this show?

The entire galaxy tunes in to a girls high school athletic festival.

A Rinne no Lagrange OVA has popped up called “Kamogawa Days,” which is pretty much what it is, a few weeks in the town’s off-season between the show’s two seasons. They try to stick some foreshadowing in but who cares since we know what’ll happen already. We get to spend time with everyone, but the three girls aren’t together, alas. However, Lan and Muginami do meet up at the most amusing concept of the episode, an almost complete replica of Kamogawa, Earth’s most important city. The show still won’t explain how Villa got to be king, but there he is being one and setting fashion styles for the Polyhedron. Meanwhile Madoka goes about being Madoka, even forgetting her birthday, though of course no one else does … It’s what you’d expect from a Lagrange filler episode, only a little longer.

4 thoughts on “Sukitte 8, Spacebros 34, Lagrange12.5

  1. Yeah, the show needs to stop having Mei overhear the shallow girls remark about how idols should end up together, and since Mei isn’t fabulous like megumi, she doesn’t deserve Yamato.

    I think the problem with this relationship is that both of them are socially deficient in some way. After being used to handling everything herself, Mei tends to keep to herself instead of reaching out when she is distressed. After she found that he left the building without Arai, she was still agitated about the rumors, but would rather go home than confront him. She ran off by herself in episode 3, and again in episode 4. Episode 6 had her crying at the end of the episode after Megumi’s numerous intrusions in more ways than one. In episode 7, Mei bottled up her feelings until she cried in front of Asami and Aiko, and a similar thing occurred in this episode. Throughout the series, Mei has typically been a good judge of character and can see pinpoint why people are unhappy or why they might be bothered, and she suspected Megumi of some malice in this episode as she stated that she couldn’t just believe that Megumi was a nice girl, and that malice was telegraphed by Megumi’s reaction after Yamato hung up when she called him.

    In contrast to Mei, Yamato appears to often be unable to look beyond the surface of what other people shows outwardly, likely due to how he repeatedly tried to be PC and made no meaningful interactions with people. With his fear of being bullied back in middle school, Yamato would suck up and try to be as inoffensive as possible, desensitizing himself to the feelings of others, and he admitted to still being the type to confirm during episode 3. He thought that Hayakawa was a good guy and it took him quite a while to understand that guy’s real intentions were. He was pretty much unable to help out his sister aside from giving her a stuffed animal and hoping that she gets better soon. When Megumi went to apologize to Yamato in front of a sizeable audience (maybe a conscious effort to make sure that he accepts her apology since he likely wouldn’t try to damage his reputation), he stated that he was too harsh (but he was completely justified considering Megumi had stated similar things to Hayakawa), while a simple “apology accepted” would have been appropriate. His reaction showed that he was willing to just accept her apology and not consider that there was an ulterior motive. The comment Yamato made to Mei about expecting a surprise (kiss) when he placed his hand on hers, just showed a complete failure from him in understanding Mei. Yeah, some of that was Mei’s fault, but he really should have picked up on something considering how mopey (and filled with tears) she had been compared to the period before he took up the modelling job, and not associated her kissing him as a sign that he should try and get more kisses from her (like in episode 2, he saw Mei showing interest in him, and decided it wouldn’t be out of line to kiss her).

    I do believe that things will need to change between both of them, especially regarding communication, or they’ll be picking up the pieces of their relationship more often. Aiko is probably well versed in this and has entered a lot of relationships, so she knows what works and what doesn’t, although she had a problem with self-esteem (not sure if this has been fixed).

    I pretty much agree completely on Space Brothers.

  2. Like I said, it’s complicated!

    First step is Yamato has to get better at reading Mei’s moods. Hard to do, I admit. That’s why has Mei has to help him by speaking up.

    I’m worried that Aiko is stuck in a world-weary-voice-of-reason role now and she won’t get out of it, which is a shame.

    1. Maybe Aiko will show progress with Masashi? She was in an unhealthy relationship where she basically used him for her esteem issues. Having sex to make herself feel more attractive. I think showing her progress through this (or not and they broke up but remained friends) could be something we see from her.

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