Chu2koi 9, Panzer 7

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 9 lightens the mood a little, easy to do when it’s Rikka in love.

Rikka deals with her attraction to Yuuta in her own way.

Or rather, Rikka in denial of love. Since that time together last episode Rikka has been avoiding Yuuta and moping more than usual. It gets so that Touka visits Yuuta’s room to ask him what he knows, which is nothing. Rikka’s weird, that’s all. So is Touka, considering she was waiting for him under his bed! Why? To play with his head a bit? No wonder Rikka’s terrified of her. Anyway, when we get a scene where Rikka’s describing how Yuuta’s presence affects her, she interprets it as something wrong with Yuuta, some anomaly, no doubt planted in his mind by the overseer, er, Touka. At least, that’s what I think she said. It’s more running away from reality, but this sort of running away is more common in a girl her age, and leads to better comedy.

Nothing good can come of this.

We get several good scenes as everyone works things out (around a subplot about the cultural festival–all I’ll say about the occult/nap circle doing anything for that is “Bad idea!”). The shrine scene laid it out clearly. Then there’s the cat leaping through a heart made of butterflies scene, surreal even for this show, not least for Rikka’s deciding to trust Shinka. Shinka’s motivation is easier to understand. She likes to meddle. And it’s all within the standard high school romance canon. It helps that Yuuta manages to spend a couple of minutes saying just the right things to Rikka, basically letting know that he understands why she acts the way she does. Which, really, is all she needed to hear, before the scary moment that sealed, well, something between them.

There was something I can’t describe in how it worked out. A genuinely dangerous moment defused by a routine they do every time Rikka climbs down to visit Yuuta. Gently guide the feet to the rail … Lovely bit. How it’s going to affect the romance I don’t know. Yuuta hasn’t shown much romantic interest, and she hardly knows what’s going on, but for now we’ll leave them at that sweet little moment.

Girls und Panzer 7 lives up to the show’s standards of amusing oddity, even though there’s no battle this week. Well, there IS, but after the buildup and the scary look at the Anzio team I was expecting more than seeing the enemy defeated and our girls hi-fiving. It’s like we’re not watching this for the battles or something.

Advice of the heart by Saori.

What we get is Mako’s sick grandma who turns out to be just fine, abusive and funny in turns. After that we finally get the story of Miho’s painful memories, and, since I was expecting that she nearly drowned in a tank, the truth (she saved others from drowning and because of it lost the match and her family was pissed) isn’t as bad as I thought, and tells us that her reluctance to join up was a moral rather than an emotional position. After that we get some splitting up of duties and the discovery of two more tanks1 The first one is given as much an introduction as any of the girls has gotten. We also learn why everyone’s on an enormous (enough that one team gets lost in it and has to be rescued) ship, I’ve already forgotten the answer, so boring is it. Basic ass-covering doublespeak; clearly someone fucked up somewhere and they had a big ship with nothing to do but put a girls’ school on it, I suppose. But that’s part of the reason this show is entertaining if you don’t look at it too closely.

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