Psycho-pass 8, Polar Bear 35

No, it’s not.

Psycho-Pass 8 finishes up its latest routine crime story and brings very little new to it. We have Ouryou, the crazy killer artist girl, give a rather mundane reason for choosing the victims she did, that they were in a girls school that was designed to create “ladies,” or good wives for successful men, I suppose, and goes on about how many other ways their talents could flower except for this society, etc. Which doesn’t explain why she’s killing the victims of society rather than the instigators. Well, she’s young and has to start somewhere, I suppose. But if were looking for an insight on their society that we might wish to relate to our own, forget it. She’s just crazy.

Your typical detective soliloquy.

Meanwhile, it occurs to this bunch of hi-tech investigators that there might be other ways in and out of the school far too late to save anybody. And once they do realize that they don’t act upon it. The only reason they found the girl’s lair is that she was caught on camera going where she shouldn’t be. No, the big insights this week come from Shinya, using his brain and a visit to an artist friend to give them the clue that they need. Akane is again along for the ride. But no one said she was the main character, I guess. And next time Makishima is targeting Shinya, I assume to be his next project, which will be interesting indeed, now that the girl has been despatched. When Makishima tells his former colleagues before killing them that they’ve failed him is it only because they got caught? I suppose you can ignore the quotes he makes as well. He’s just crazy, too.

Nothing in Polar Bear’s Cafe 35 is laugh-out-loud funny but both parts gave me a higher-than-average number of snickers. In the first, Sloth decides he wants to work at the cafe. This coul never work, of course, in spite of his advanced doctorate (in research on being high up in a tree), and ballroom dancing skills (unverified), and that fact that when he gets older algae will grow on his body. Polar Bear hires him anyway because “it could be fun,” demonstrating why he’s just behind Mutta in “male character of the year” voting in my brain and ahead of Araragi and Apo. It’s the expected jokes after that, but you have to admire sloth’s work ethic. Yes, it took him three hours to polish a glass, but that was three hours of solid work!

The possible romance takes another baby-step forward.

The second story has Handa trying to figure out what to give Sasako for Christmas. This would be dull except that all the animals try help by coaxing Sasako’s interest out of her, most amusingly Polar Bear tailing her while she goes window shopping; she’s fully aware that he’s up to something, I mean, PB is pretty obvious, but she’s too nice to call him out on it. The ladies tea section wasn’t bad either. I have a suggestion for them. Sasako could use a new outfit. Apart from her uniform she wore the same thing for both parts. Granted, it looks adorable on her, but how about a little variety?

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