Shin Sekai Yori 10, Jojo 9

In spite of the amazing visuals and sounds, Shin Sekai Yori 10 is pretty much an information episode. I just wish all such episodes were this pretty.


Saki survives the cliffhanger thanks to that neck charm that Shun had given her. I wonder if he gave it to her just for this purpose, so that maybe she could survive long enough to have their chat in that bent house that looks more like a traditional western haunted house to me, down to the steeple. Is he working from his imagination and what he learned in history, is there another reason, or am I thinking about it too much? The thing is, with this show the details need to be minded because they’ll bite you if you ignore them. So here we have a house incongruous with the rest of the story’s world. Well, it looks great. In fact, the entire episode does. There seems to be no end of warping strangeness of the entire interview as Shun tries to hold fundmental and destructive powers in check.


And there’s the information. I don’t think he says that he destroyed his village, but it is implied. Cantus, unlike physical movements, work instantly and can’t be kept in check by the conscious mind. All the hypnotism and other mental tricks are to keep the cantus in check, but you can’t stop it entirely, hence the mutations you see beyond the seal. We pretty much knew this, and I bet Saki did, too, so she begs him to tell her what’s wrong with him in particular, and because they love each other it becomes personal, and more interesting. Even if we knew most of it already.


And tragic, because Saki learns what she can do for Shun: not a damn thing. Or rather, save herself because Shun’s about to stop destroying his surroundings and destroy himself instead. Saki gets blown away like a leaf while it happens, decides to stay alive, and in one striking moment, her eyes go from fear and wonder to an angry determination as she sets off … home, I guess. Maybe to ask her mother what the hell she was doing giving Shun those forbidden books (probably just protocol for these emergencies, but still, how about some truth?), but is that the only reason she looks so angry? Frankly, now that Saki has lost Shun I have no idea where the story will go next.


I dunno. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 9 felt a bit superfluous to me. That’s strange to say when everything in this series is so gleefully over-the-top, and anyone with any sense knew that throwing a burning Dio off a tower after nearly slicing him in half wouldn’t be to kill him. But this last battle didn’t really seem to do anything more than the others did, except to kill both of them. Maybe that’s it. The show talks about how Jojo and Dio are two of a kind (the reason, I suppose, why they must die together) but how? Because of the blood pounding in their veins and all that? Bah! And just as you knew Dio was still alive, you knew Jojo would survive enough to give two, maybe three dying speeches before actually kicking the bucket. As for me, I was wondering if there was a point to watching any further now that the fist story is over, but I can’t resist the idea of seeing what they do in New York.

3 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 10, Jojo 9

  1. I found it very interesting that Shun appeared to be living in a pocket dimension that was somehow parallel but not part of the lake. Cantus appears to be a possibly limitles power.

    I’m not convinced of Shun’s death yet. He noted that he actually ingested all the poisons, but his subconscious desire to live resulted in him breaking down the poisons into non-lethal components. I think there’s a chance that he still desired to live even though he was responsible for Subaru’s death and felt that he should terminate his existence.

    I have no idea what to type about when it comes to Jojo.

  2. That’s an idea, that Shun might not be dead in spite of his attempts to off himself. It would also give the series some direction. In fact, thinking about it I bet you’re right. But for it to be convincing I’d need to know how Shun is different from any of the other syndrome-sufferers.

    1. Maybe some of the past syndrome-sufferers were less low-key, and eventually got killed as Cats found them due to their Canti leaking to crazy extents. Others probably suceeded in ending their lives. And there might have been a third group that retreated deep into isolation in areas that civilization wouldn’t try to reach (Shun?).

      One reason for why I believe that Shun is still alive is that an older Saki’s narration (episode 2) indicated that she might be a syndrome sufferer herself, however mild her case might end up being. Her narration only suggested that Maria will definitely end up with a bad case of one of the syndromes. Perhaps the show will focus on Saki’s growth as a person, and the group’s attempt to change society and find a better way to deal with excess leakage on Canti.

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