Sukitte and Busters 9, Space Bros 35, and a Teekyuu screenshot

They came close ...
They came close …

Sukitte Ii na yo 9 brings one story arc in for a soft landing and immediately revs the engines for the next one. Since the big crises mostly happened last episode there’s not much to the first half. We start right off with Yamato telling Megumi he’s giving up modeling. I could argue that maybe he should just give up modeling with Megumi, since that’s what’s causing the problems, but I suppose you can’t choose who you model with. Well, it’s a nice gesture leading to a loss of income but he’s happy with his decision. Megumi isn’t and we get some moments of her looking at him from a distance and wondering what went wrong. But that’s the extent of it. I don’t think Megumi has it in her to be conniving and evil. And as the episode goes on we see her train of admirers go down to just one, a nondescript girl I’m sure we’ll learn more of later. As for our lovebirds it’s all nice thoughts and near shenanigans at her place. It’s good to be reminded that this is a high school comedy where sex is a definite possibility.


Since everyone’s more or less content midway through it’s time to push the next arc forward with Kai the haircut guy. An interesting situation. He’s the guy who was bullied who Yamato couldn’t help. Now he’s bulked up and ready to take revenge on the bullies. Mei takes a more sensible view toward it but this is the sort of stuff you can’t get rid of with just words. Besides, the guy’s been training a year. It takes an encounter with a former bullier who doesn’t remember him to get him to think about how useless this was. I’m not so sure. It’s not just revenge but justice here. A person who hurt other people should not get away with it. It’s a good topic for discussion but this anime isn’t the place to have it. Kai is so impressed with Mei’s words that out of the blue he decides he LIKES her, and tells Yamato so.This feels terribly contrived but Kai might have an interesting motivation. Is this in a way another attempt at revenge for the past, an attempt to hurt a guy who didn’t bully him but couldn’t help him, either? Maybe unconsciously? I doubt much will come of it. Yamato’s got to really fuck up if he’s going to turn Mei against him. I don’t see that happening.


Space Brothers is the cruelest anime running. I KNEW they would dally before Mutta gets his phone call saying if he’s in or not. Using Kenji’s personal story to do it was to be expected. So we get scenes where he meets his wife, his secure but dull day job, and in case you missed it, TWO scenes of him getting up and getting ready for work (one before applying, one after), which are exactly the same except he now gets up earlier. And it’s sandwiched between him picking up the phone and actually getting the result, followed by an excruciating minute of silence after he puts down the phone. After the announcement the episode is over, and they never did get to Mutta! Maybe if Kenji wasn’t nice but boring I wouldn’t mind so much. And it looks like next week they’ll do the same thing with Serika! Will they do the same for all the applicants, Mutta last? Is this Space Brothers’ Endless Eight?

The rich girl laugh quartet.
The rich girl laugh quartet.

In Little Busters 9 they save the cafeteria. Prior to the crisis Rin finds another note delivered via catmail telling them to do just that. So when all the lunch ladies fall ill on the same day the Busters run in to cook dinner and save the day, while Riki has a lot of internal lines saying “how did they know?” What came to me immediately was, you know, contagion, a virus loose in the kitchens, call in the health department, you know, things like that. This doesn’t occur to Riki or any of the others, in fact, apart from one lunch lady there before it all happened, we don’t see an adult for the entire episode. Well, no one died eating their dishes, so I guess it’s just sloppy thinking on the creators’ part. Most of the episode was so dull Riki had another narcolepsy attack near the end. But early on we get four girls doing the “rich girl” laugh in unison, which has to be a record.

Oh yeah, I also watched this.
Oh yeah, I also watched this.

3 thoughts on “Sukitte and Busters 9, Space Bros 35, and a Teekyuu screenshot

  1. There was one point where Megumi stared quite hard at Mei, but maybe she won’t actually do anything, and her most devout fan, who seems to have her eye on Mei, will do something in an attempt to please her idol.

    Hmmm… I always thought that it was Nakanishi that had been bullied, but then again, it makes more sense for it to be with somebody that Yamato fell out of touch with. I think Kai wanted the satisftication of making the guy who bullied him beg for forgiveness or something, and then he would wail on the guy after he got that. Perhaps the bully had previously made him beg for his safety, and then beat on him anyway, making him want to return what he had been dealt. But, the guy didn’t remember Kai, or at least pretended that he didn’t know him. It seemed that the former bully seemed more like the type to fear bullying now, and might have been spooked because a big guy (with an uncommon hairdo) approached him. We’ll see soon enough if part of Kai’s reasoning for admitting to liking Mei is because he wants to mess with Yamato for not making any effort to defend him.

    I wonder if Space Brothers will opt to not show Mutta’s call during the next episode, and instead opt to have other candidates call him, telling him about their passing the selection process, making him panic about whether he is going to receive a call or not. “Oh no, everybody has a received a call before I have. My luck couldn’t possible be worse…” I hope that this doesn’t happen.

    Little Busters! was very annoying for me as usual. More Kud and less of the others would make it more tolerable.

  2. I read Megumi’s last fan as thinking “Looks like they’re having fun over there, more fun than I am.”

    I hope you’re right, but I’m not worried that anyone is going to trade phone calls in SpaceBros for the time being. They’re all a little too courteous for that.

    1. I meant that they might text each other their result, but you’re probably right and they’re too courteous for that.

      Well, at least Aiko is in fact in a better relationship (compared to before) with Masashi now. Since the show’s focus is pretty much entirely on Mei though, we don’t get to see more details.

      I’m really not sure about what to think about that one girl. I remember Megumi mentioning a Momo, and if she is that girl, she is probably a huge fan of Megumi, and maybe her intentions aren’t good. Her staring more than once in Mei’s direction makes me think that she is wondering about how to best cheer up Megumi after considering her current mood.

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