Pet 9 and Panzer 8

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 9 starts the next crisis for Sorata and Mashiro. Some crisis.


A new girl, Rita, arrives and tells Mashiro she should go back to England with her. People are waiting for her next painting. Naturally, Rita’s beautiful, sort of a Mashiro with bigger boobs who can dress herself, and she winds up staying in Sorata’s room because Mashiro doesn’t want to see her. Why she can’t stay with Aoyama is not explained. Anyway, she’s, er, quite convincing, and the show spends some time with Mashiro mad at baka Sorata for even listening to her.


And then the episode is nearly derailed when the previously unseen, mysterious Akasaka appears. We get scenes with him (in spite of visual evidence) in class not respecting the teacher. The story we had been following goes away. Since this story seems to be as interesting I didn’t mind very much, but then the show forgets about Akasaka and we get back to the story at hand, well, sort of. It’s cultural festival time and the dorm decides to do something together. I guess this will be the backdrop for the unfolding Mashiso/Rita drama.

Mashiro's paitings are immersive.
Mashiro’s paitings are immersive.

The show takes pains to show us just how talented Mashiro is with a paintbrush. Rita takes Sorata to see one of her paintings and is torn, after all, not many paintings can invoke an out-of-body experience like the one the episode shows. It also helps to put to rest a “manga is not real art” conflict I was hoping they’d avoid. Mashiro is just really really good at painting. But why doesn’t Mashiro just paint in Japan? We get a scene in the school’s studio where she’s doing just that (which also suggests that she hasn’t abandoned painting altogether). I’m guessing that’s the direction we’re headed in. By the way, Sorata, do you know just how expensive your bedroom walls are now?

How not to command.
How not to command.

Miho learns a few things in Girls und Panzer 8. First, stick to your game plan in spite of what your subordinates want to do. Because they wanted to forge ahead in spite of being outgunned 15-6, she drops her more conservative strategy and they blunder into a trap. Second, if your subordinates decide to charge when you’re telling them to halt, give them a direct order instead of going “Wait … wait.” Given her background you’d think Miho would have learned something about command, or maybe not, as it looks like she might be disinherited soon. Maybe it was the cold that made the girls rush in like that, even while Erwin was reminded of Stalingrad. Still, it’s fun to see a battle in the snow at night.

A bit late to be asking that.
A bit late to be saying that.

The other thing she learns is that the school will be closed down if they lose. Maybe Anzu and the rest of the student council should have told her before their remaining tanks were stuck in an old church surrounded by the enemy, like back when they intended to at that hot-pot dinner. I assume we’ll learn why the school’s future is pinned to a single tank battle next week. Here they just used it to heighten the cliffhanger’s importance, not that it needed it. I’m much more interested in how they’re going to get out of that church in one piece than what happens to their school. I am also worried about that disinheriting talk, but that can wait. In fact, if she pulls out a victory here her family might well change their minds. Overall, however, the episode was the usual fun. I especially liked the patriotic song the Pravda team sings on their way to the battle. But one note to the fansubbers should they be reading this. When the enemy tanks have surrounded you and they’re demanding your surrender, the correct response is exactly what Momo says: “Nuts!”

3 thoughts on “Pet 9 and Panzer 8

  1. Dunno about Miho learning anything here. She knows perfectly well what’s best in the scenario, her inability to convey this knowledge to her schoolmates is obviously emotional and not intellectual. The emotional beating she received for making her own choices at her previous school must have been terrible for her self-confidence to fall apart like that. This, and she’s learning to enjoy sensha-dou again exactly because she switched to a good fun > best strategy mindset, so telling her friends to drop their enthusiasm and try for some potshots instead probably wasn’t too attractive to her. in hindsight, the student council failed to “use” Miho as well as they could. But that, too, was a weakness coming from the goodness of their hearts, so its difficult to blame anyone here.

  2. I don’t think it was entirely Miho’s fault, although some of it could be blamed on her. These people just don’t seem very competitive and I’m not convinced that they would have listened even if she commanded them to stop (Only the group that she usually hangs around seemed willing to follow her orders). They were pretty confident even when the odds were 6 vs. 16., or something along those lines.

  3. I suppose it’s a balance between discipline and balance, and Miho didn’t know the stakes of losing. However, I find it inconceivable that a commander isn’t capable of issuing a direct “HALT!” order, even though she knew they were likely rushing into a trap. Even a low-pressure fun battle would have at least that much discipline to them.

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