Quick Update


Well, I’m in my fourth week here.  Thought I’d let you in on the things you see in anime that I’ve done.

Visited a shrine on New Years Day.  Cold, wet, and cheerful.  I joined some people who wanted their bad luck removed and sat through a long ceremony where a priest chanted out names and wishes in a monotone.  At least, that’s what the people I was with told me afterwards.  I discovered that not only am I bad at kneeling but even sitting crosslegged for long periods is too much for me.  I didn’t ring the bell and pray but I did get my fortune (200 yen) which was, they told me, “normal luck.”  I thought for a moment they had said “no more luck.”

Introduced to self-described otaku.  Since I never attend conventions this was the first time I mentioned an anime title, “Hidamari Sketch” in this case, and have the listeners know what I was talking about.  It was one of the happiest moments of my time here so far.

Other more trivial things.  Drank coffee from a vending machine–check.  Saw brightly-colored manhole covers–check (though they aren’t all like that).  Those Mos Burger rice buns taste okay but they’re sloppy.  Heated toilet seats are everything they’re cracked up to be.  And finally, everyone here, especially while working, is so damn polite!

I don’t know if it’s because I have less time now or it’s the tail end of the season or what, but my anime conumption has gone way down.  I sometimes have to remind myself that there are shows I can watch.  But I have watched a few.  I was most disappointed by Chu2koi’s finale.  They invented this “everyone has eighth grader syndrome” moral without making a proper case for it.  The SAO finale had a lovely closing scene but it couldn’t make up for the series’ second-half letdown.  Annnd … nothing else springs to mind.

Hope you all had a happy New Year.


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