Part 6, two more shows and now I’m done with this.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai‘s 2011 season was a mixed bag. The show didn’t seem to go anywhere, many thought Yozora was too abrasive, and there was a bit too much fanservice involving middle-schooler Kobato. On the other hand, Haganai (as some call it), unlike most other comedies, even good ones, had the ability to make me double-over laughing with a one line, a visual bit, or even just a noise. And while I thought Yozora was too mean to poor Sena, I admired her misanthropic tendencies in general. In fact, I liked the entire cast apart from Yukimura, who just stands around being androgynous. So I’m happy to see the show return.

Welcome back, Yozora, I think.
Welcome back, Yozora, I think.

It’s pretty much the same. First they con Sena into getting a “heap” hairstyle. Kodaka, as usual, can do nothing. This and the teaser make use of the show’s strength: the clubroom scenes, where everyone can interact and mess with each other, often leading to chaos or at least a really silly hairstyle. One question, however: when did Rika get so mean spirited? Before, she was a rather guileless, perverted mad scientist, but here she helps Yozora reel Sena in (with appropriate background noise–one of the show’s more playful moments) to be a hair design guinea pig. I didn’t know she had it in her. The second half reintroduces us to Sena’s disturbing father Pagasus, and Stella, the deadpan maid, an excellent but underused character. Good stuff. Not everyone’s favorite show, but I’m glad it’s back.

Can we get someone else to be the main character, please?
Can we get someone else to be the main character, please?

And the final show on my list is something something Unlimited, and I nearly turned it off when I realized that the hero is a smug, overly powerful, smirking bishie. Some people hate moe, I hate smug, smirking bishies. Alas, the rest of the episode wasn’t all that bad. It’s not spectacular; our smirking hero, Kyosuke goes to prison and takes a liking to another esper there, Hinomiya. The two team up and rescue a loli while lots of things, including a monster, get blowed up real good. Some good action and soundtrack. But it’s an offshoot to a franchise I’ve never watched, a point against me watching it. I don’t like the idea of playing catch-up with a anime series unless there’s a really good reason, and smug bishies ain’t it. I might watch another episode or two to see how the current story pans out, but that means more of the bishie. I’ll decide later.

And that’s about all for the series I wanted to try this season. Overall, it doesn’t look like a great season, or even a good one. I can only think of a handful of shows I want to watch again. Just as well. I don’t have the time.

4 thoughts on “Part 6, two more shows and now I’m done with this.

  1. I haven’t watched The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke, but I have heard that no previous knowledge of the parent story is necessary to follow the show.

    Yeah, there’s a not a lot from this season that I really want to watch either.

    1. They always say that, and even if it’s true there’s a certain resonance a returning character always has that the uninitiated viewer can’t hope to understand, which is why I steer away from sequels when I haven’t watched the original.

  2. Based on a number of previews I had anticipated a marginal season… and it does look like the shows are all average (or below). I’m OK with average entertainment; I’m sure there will be a few memorable moments along the way.

    It’s nice to see that you’re back with the regular reviews. I enjoy reading these a lot, Peter! (^_^)

    (From the other person who is Too Old for Anime.)

  3. Alas, I’m not really back. I couldn’t resist sizing up the new season, is all. Though I might post when the mood strikes me, or I might just follow one or two shows. I haven’t decided yet.

    And you’re right, there will be some memorable moments. Maybe I’ll decide to write about them.

    The last time I took a hiatus, when I moved to China, was 2011, and I missed my chance at blogging Madoka Magika. I regret that; on the other hand, I don’t think anything I would have written would have done the series justice.

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