Shin Sekai Yori 18

You could argue that everything the humans have done so far has been to survive when given such destructive power that years of discipline and training (or, if you like, brainwashing) is necessary. Their entire civilization is geared toward making sure one of them doesn’t abuse their powers; a single one of them can wreak havoc if they want to. This includes killing children that have abilities they can’t handle, hardly a godlike way of handling things (well, depends on the god, and what chapter of the holy book you’re reading), yet the queerats call them that, well, some of them still might.


So these future, godlike humans have raised an imperfect race of rat-creatures that have learned, or have been taught, the human ways of civilization. We get the Robber Fly colony freeing themselves from slavery to a queen, which sounds like a good thing, but now the queen is kept like a beast in a stable, a reproducing machine. They didn’t have to do that. They could still maintain their “free” society (rather more like a dictatorship with Yakomaru at the top) while treating the queen with dignity and respect. This more savage route they took instead tells us that the humans who bred and guided them thought them as no more than serfs in the first place and gave them no instruction on philosophy or even basic respect for fellow human beings, who approve and watch their bloody battles with an almost sporting interest. Now the Robber Fly colony has grown in sophistication and turned on the humans. It’s what everyone should have expected when human beings act as gods. Interesting that Satarou says the attack was the colony’s last=ditch attempt to save them from annihilation; I have no doubt that given more time the Robber Flies would have attacked the humans anyway.

Searching for Maria.
Searching for Maria.

And because I’m human, I guess, I found myself nodding my head when Tomiko admitted hate for Yakomaru and what he had done. But on the other hand, we have Saki, who might feel that way too, but she’s more interested in finding Maria now that there’s no doubt she’s still alive (so did Tomiko lie to the council about the bones?). A human being trying to reach out to a friend, even though the friend is most likely responsible for the Robber Fly colony’s success. Maria and perhaps Mamarou have become as savage as the society that wanted to kill them for good reasons are. Saki is about the only one left who has any sort of, er, humanity about her.

Who the hell is she?
Who the hell is she?

Some weirdness, too. Like that one soldier who died and whose soul appears to be a woman. And Shisei’s double pupils. Just enough to make us blink while the heavy stuff goes on. There’s so much the show is doing now that I don’t see any way they can wrap things up this season.

7 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 18

  1. I don’t think that Maria and Mamoru are still alive. Saki looked very depressed after Tomiko said that their deaths were confirmed with both a DNA analysis and by comparing dental records. When it flashed back to Yakomaru at the time, I thought it was indicating that Squealer meant that he would kill Maria and Mamoru after finding them. He said that “It would take time to prepare corpses.” The atmosphere led me to believe that he was already being quite treacherous and wanted an excuse to kill some “gods”.

    During episode 02, UTW’s subtitles had an older Saki narrating that “Maria’s condition at birth was worse than mine.” This made no sense because if either of two girls had complications at birth, the adults probably would have offed them immediately. I think this was a translation error, and that it should have read, “Maria’s condition at childbirth was worse than mine.” This would mean that Maria’s child may have been exposed to unnecessary stress in the wilderness and became a savage or a rogue PK user. It wouldn’t surprise me if Yakomaru has been drugging this hypothetical kid all this time, and unleashed him/her onto the humans.

  2. Indeed, Maria and Mamoru are dead. It’s highly suggested that Squealer killed them after they had a child. He’s already used the queen just for breeding, no reason he wouldn’t want these two to breed so he could take the child and use it as a weapon. As far as the girl goes, the guy said something about the beauty inside him being lost forever. I suspect his dying use of Power was to manifest this image for all to see before he passed.

  3. I hope you’re both wrong about Squealer using the kids offspring. I also don’t believe they would have have been coerced into it. Drugs or no, I can’t see them having a kid for the Robber Flies. If they were given sanctuary with them and had a child that way it might make more sense, especially with Maria’s remark that she and Saki couldn’t have had a kid, anyway. Then Squealer would kill them off. But that’s nine months later. I wish I knew how long it took before the skeletons were produced.

    1. I don’t think the kids were coerced into it either, but I do believe that Squealer killed them, and in the process of doing that, gained a powerful weapon in their child. He might have discovered their location early on and waited until Maria gave birth before killing them under the orders of the Ethics Committee.

      1. I’d agree with all this except for the ethics committee part. I don’t think they had anything to do with it. This was all Squealer planning.

  4. Tomiko stated that she would hold the committee back for three days for Saki to find Maria and Mamoru, so it’s likely that the queerats were commissioned to kill them after the deadline passed.

  5. Vincent’s had plenty of cogent thoughts about this show before but I’m with Sublightd on this one. I just don’t see how the Ethics Committee would have a hand in it. However, it would certainly put the final few episodes in a fresh light. And it answers a nagging thought in my head that the (damn, what’s her name?) “immortal lady’s” professed hatred of squealer seemed a trifle out of place. Well, we’ll see.

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