SpaceBros lightens up for a bit, ShinSekai doesn’t

Shin Sekai Yori 19 doesn’t really answer any questions from last week but instead concentrates on upping the intensity level; no better way to do that than a haunted house.


Saki and Satarou join the remnants of another group and go investigate a hospital where a friend is recuperating from an undisclosed ailment (hmm … nah.) But the queerats got there first and the place is pretty much trashed, and there are still plenty of the little buggers around. We get an early clue as to what happened when a nearly perfect hole is found where the front door was. They speculate gunpowder, but, come on, they should all know what a hole like that signifies. Then we go into horror-movie mode when one of the new guys goes ahead to check the building out. A lot of “stay here!” and “where did he go?” Which is about the only time the interest in this episode drops. If everyone stays in the boat we get nothing happening unless more queerats show up, so get off and go into the hospital, already! The plot’s waiting for you!


After that it’s more horror movie stuff. queerat traps, survivors trussed up like mummies hanging from the ceiling. When the fiend shows up we even get a tense closeup of a door handle turning while others watch in terror. And while it’s tense enough the questions remain from last week. Who exactly is the fiend? Is it doing this for squealer on his/her own volition? If so, why? So while this was a typical solid episode it only moved the plot forward, not our understanding of it.

Yo, Hibito!  Heard you nearly died.
Yo, Hibito! Heard you nearly died.

What a relief to watch an episode of Space Brothers that didn’t have a life at stake. With Hibito rescued by the Brianmobile last week all we need to watch is the other astronauts to show up, find out what happened to the other guy, and have Mutta and Hibito have one of those odd talks where they seem to be talking about something mundane until the big moment (“Thank you”) comes up, to get Mutta nearly overcome with emotion so he can recover and end with a cool closing line. We also get some more reminiscing about Brian Jay and a pointless flashback about where he got that doll in the first place. Oh, Azuna was the one who took Mutta’s advice and sent the Brianmobile to that spot in the first place, so he gets a rare bit of action and some praise. Now we can move on to what appears to be non-deadly story arc.

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