OreShura 5-6

I’m trying to catch up with OreShura, or whatever it’s called, while wondering if I really want to.


All I’m getting out of this show is a spoiled girl using Tooka tactics on a boy she really doesn’t like, she says, while the childhood friend Chiwa is humiliated every episode by the same girl, and Eita the harem leader is too spineless to tell Masuzu to cut that shit out, notebook or no notebook, or to stop inadertantly stringing Chiwa along. The setup was not only getting stale, but was distasteful to watch from episode one. So in episode five they brought out two new girls to mess with Eita. Mana is at least as nasty as her sister, which made me cheer, because while the show doesn’t need any more nastiness at least hers is directed toward Masazu. I suspect we’re supposed to start feeling sorry for Masuzu by now, but I get a lot more satisfaction seeing her be humiliated for a change. The other new girl Himeka (I think), like Eita, is a Chu2Koi wannabe, down to the ridiculous names, but in spite of that she has potential as a wild card. Frankly, seeing the end of the episode, with Masuzu and Chiwa staring furiously at the new rival gave me the biggest smile I had all episode.


That sense of fun continued into episode 6 as Pudding (as I’m going to call her, unless I forget) happily lets loose her delusions at Masuzu’s request, leading to the first notebook reading that was actually entertaining. Mazuzu doesn’t seem to dislike her. She seems to enjoy this strange new girl for the sheer fun she brings. Alas, the fun dissolves pretty quickly after that. It’s not that Mana shows up again to gloat over things and read Pudding’s embarrassing poem, but that Masuzu so willingly agrees to go back to Sweden with her, then rather quickly changes her mind. Nothing really works in the scene. Eita isn’t roughed up enough that he would just collapse like that. What’s more his speech to Pudding makes little sense at all. Her poem was cute, but her delusions of grandeur (and his) are false, therefore you should use words to say what you feel. I’ll blame the translation. It all felt forced, like everyone was going through the motions of an emotional scene because that’s what they do in high school romcoms. Same with the broader idea of forming the club; so many other romcoms have new clubs, we should have one too! That’ll boost ratings for sure! Well, the good thing is we have enough girls now to blunt any effect Masuzu has, and we get one more at the end.

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