Shin Sekai Yori 21

Shin Sekai Yori always raises as many questions as it answers. Last week I wondered how the queerat’s plan could really work on a large scale. But now that we know about their master plan it’s as Saki’s voice-over at the end said. They could actually take over the earth.

Squealer poses for his portrait.
Squealer poses for his portrait.

And it makes me wonder just how he got to be so smart to not only plan all this out but to do so on such a large scale. Some of it I can understand. He and the other queerats have observed human society for years. They’ve seen how the towns operate and they themselves have been growing the food. But still, they’ve been busy the past ten years. They’ve got their entire race to buy into Squealer as a great leader (well, actually, he is, he just has no morals) and the fiend as a “savior.” I had suspected that they were all brainwashed, but a nice, succinct scene with a captured queerat soldier sums up their position well, and I can only say that the humans had that aspect of it coming to them. They also bred those fire-fish we saw last week, bred that one human (who Saki is calling the child of Maria and Mamarou, so I’ll accept it, though I thought at first it was Maria herself … problem with the character designs is that it can be hard to determine age), and probably a few other things I don’t remember now. Squealer’s had a busy ten years.

She looks so happy!
She looks so happy!

Most of the episode itself I predicted: things went from bad to worse. There were few moments where you could breathe easy; the visit to the temple of purity maybe being the only one. And while there was less direct threat in the second half, the talk we got instead was all more bad news. And that also hurt the episode. For a while it seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of reports about how bad everything is going. We KNEW that already. And unlike some scenes where the words plant a plot seed for later, I don’t get that feeling here. It’s just bad news after bad news in a show that rarely cracks a smile to begin with. Well, the previews show Kiroumaru will reenter the show. So while I never expect a laugh from this series, maybe we’ll get a few rays of hope instead.

3 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 21

  1. “And it makes me wonder just how he got to be so smart to not only plan all this out but to do so on such a large scale.”

    Inui has had a conversation with Saki right before Squealer and Yakomaru’s armies had their direct confrontation, and it implied that Squealer acquired a false minoshiro (portable library database) as there was no other way that the queerats could advance their weapons to that extent by themselves. Satoru even questioned how the queerats learned of democracy and were able to create buildings and wear clothing that were more typical of bygone human societies when he and Saki went off in search of Maria and Mamoru. He suggested that they somehow stumbled upon something that allowed them to do so.

    I wonder if Kiroumaru will end up being the one that kills the Fiend. I’m guessing that the Fiend understands queerat speech, and maybe Kiroumaru will be able to get her guard down if she hasn’t been briefed on him being an enemy of Squealer.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure that false minoshiro told then a lot. I wonder if Maria, before she died, might have told them a few things, too. I figure she and Mamarou must have been comfortable with the queerats during the pregnancy since there was nothing they could do to her before the child was born. But no matter where the help came from it doesn’t fully explain the massive actions he planned. Keeping the queerat colony’s treacherous motivations a secret for so long is next to impossible.

      Kiroumaru’s return will be interesting. I recall long ago in one of the historical flashbacks how a determined hero killed that despot, sacrificing himself in the process. Maybe we’ll see history repeating.

      1. I think under normal circumstances, keeping the treacherous motivations a secret would be next to impossible, but the humans thougnt that the only threats to them were Fiends and Karma Demons. I think Tomiko (or maybe it was someone else and I’m mistaken.) herself was the one that stated that, and the humans seemed to act accordingly with their society being completely focussed on preventing problem citizens from becoming Karma Demons or Fiends. Even those who were part of the pest control department like Saki seemed to let the queerats be (Aside from approving colonial wars and watching them), and Saki didn’t even think that her job was important in comparison to Satoru’s. Saki saying that the queerats were never treated poorly when the group came across that lone queerat shows that (at least one human) never considered that the queerats would ever rebel, and with her being part of pest control, I guess that this applied to most of the rest of them. It’s also possible that those who considered that the queerats might rebel one day just shrugged their shoulders because they were sure that they would be able to wipe out the queerats easily. The man that accompanied Shisei during the festival certainly thought that there was no way the queerats could win, and was deeply ashamed after he ended up being defeated.

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