Sasami-San 7, Robotics 18, Polar bear 45


After the latest episode of Shin Sekai Yori with its thoroughly depressing story of possible human extinction at the hands of rat-pigs, I turned today to a Sasami-San@Ganbaranai with its equally depressing story where Sasami is dragged off by the cruel fragments of her mother after all her friends got the shit kicked out of them or dragged into the underworld, or both. Episode 7 cheered me up considerably, well, as much as it could with its bittersweet overtones of loss. While I was hoping for Tsurugi to return and deliver an ass-kicking of her own, having Tama, the innocent, do the damage was just as satisfactory. I wonder about the mountain of legends that this story is undoubtedly based upon, that she could deliver such a smackdown to an ancient, powerful god almost accidentally, flinging her arms about like a child throwing a tantrum, a righteous tantrum, to be sure, but still a child’s tantrum. But her speech, done as a little girl, had almost as much power as the longer one Sasami had just delivered, and that’s not even including the bites that accumulated on the “mother.” The words may have been infantile but the emotions behind them were as powerful as those of any adult. And she has god-powers to back it up. Heh.

It was either this image of one of Misaki's back.
It was either this image of one of Misaki’s back.

With that last shot in episode 17 (circles appearing on maps–never good) I thought Robotics;Notes was gearing up for some depressing episodes too, but in episode 18 the latest and scariest Kimijima report appears to be nothing more than the dissimulation of the reports to other sources, not a big attack from the sky. And for much of the time we’re back in pluck-kids-making-a-robot story, well, until the very end of THIS episode, a bizarre scene where Akiho finally meets her sister after all those years, only Misaki keeps her back turned, is wearing a robot-suit, speaks, er, robotically, about family matters, and runs off when Sawada shows up and pulls a gun on her. The scene is so full of confusing things that I don’t know where to start. I’ll just say that if the series wanted a BAM moment, they ought to let us know what’s going on first. And finally, while there’s some emotional power to the Gunvarrel showing its moves at the festival (with no one caring except a little kid), I can’t believe that security wasn’t all over that asshole who threw a bottle at Akiho and knocked her off a fucking ladder, for chrissakes! Well, at least Sumio gets to prove he’s worth something other than money. Oh, and there’s Taiko’s nightmare, which was very effective.


Polar Bear’s Cafe has been slipping a bit recently, really ever since they put in their latest OP, the weakest of the lot. It makes the series look like a children’s show. But episode 45 shows some life in it. Why Panda-kon didn’t get Handa to keep Rin-Rin to stay away before I don’t know. And the fishing was fun to watch, especially Polar Bear’s explanation why smelt are so small.

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