Shin Sekai Yori 22

Shin Sekai Yori 22 has our heroes going on a little field trip.

Cool submarine, though I dont know what the gears do.
Cool submarine, though I dont know what the gears do.

But first there’s some exposition to get through. The letter Saki’s mom left her tells of a fiend-killing agent, though to me it sounds like it’ll kill just about anyone who inhales it. Well, it’s a convenient weapon to have. Now that they know of their method of savior they have to find it, and thus we meet another false mino-whatever, a cute little one. Oh, and Kiroumaru, in spite of being chained up as a reward for helping that one guy (really, if they get out of this alive they better stake Kiro’s tribe some land of their own, at the very least), is willing to guide them to the location: Tokyo. Road Trip! Sorry, river trip!

Kiroumaru cheers everyone up throughout the episode.
Kiroumaru cheers everyone up throughout the episode.

About the only thoughts about the larger political picture are asides tossed out by Kiroumaru that demonstrate that the exospecies are all aware of how human society works. It will come as no surprise to us but the shock from the priest shows just how cloistered and naive much of humanity has become. There’s not much else in the episode except for attempts to scare us. They go underwater and still nearly get clobbered by the fiend (who is tracking them, though I wonder if it’s really not her but the queerats doing that), until they reach .,, well, they say it’s Tokyo. They sneak into disgusting caves while the little convenient tracker tells them their progress and Kirou tells them how dangerous it is with the giant falling bloodsucking slugs and, by the way, the fiend is still tracking them, and so is Squealer. And it ends for the week. We also get a speculation on how the fiend actually became one, leading to an interesting comment by Saki that maybe the fiend isn’t one, and a comment from that other guy about how he evaded the fiend by using queerat language. Based on those two moments I’m willing to guess that the odds of the good guys using the Psychobuster are actually about 50/50.

5 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 22

  1. I had always thought of Kiroumaru as being honorable, but that smirk really suggests otherwise. His story about surviving because he dove right past the fiend is unbelievable as there’s no way he would’ve survived if that had been the case. He also stated that he lost a third of his men when he had previously been there, suggesting that he really wanted to obtain something, whether it be more land or the Psychobuster (I think it was the latter).

  2. Well, he might have other motives in mind, but I don’t doubt that he wants some revenge. Unless he wanted the humans to guide him to the Psychobuster. Even then, he could have betrayed them before and taken the little guide critter-machine for himself. And he’s always had that smirk, though I’m more reminded of a dog growling and showing the fangs.

    It occurred to me that maybe the Fiend really isn’t one, as Saki seems to be thinking. She’s just been brought up since infancy to obey queerats. But I don’t remember how death-feedback works …

    1. He’s always had that smirk? Up until this episode, I’ve always attributed it to a sort of growl and bearing his fangs whenever he was angry or being aggresive, but when they were in Tokyo, there was seemingly a frontal view of a smirk that obsured his teeth. I don’t know if that view was intentional or not, but I interpreted it as him being up to no good. Yeah, he could have taken the library for himself, but I think the comment about him losing a third of his men was a true one, meaning that he would need their help.

      Death feedback prevents humans from killing other humans because their subconsciousness recognizes that harm is being done to another human. I guess you’re saying that the girl doesn’t suffer from dead feedback because she thinks she is a queerat? Satoru stated that the transition to becoming a fiend is sudden, suggesting that all inhibitions are suddenly lifted because of one’s mental state which triggers something that renders the death feedback gene useless. I have no clue whether someone’s subconsciousness can recognize another human even if unaware that he/she is a human.

      1. Is Death Feedback a gene? I don’t remember. If it is then my theory is pretty much useless, unless the queerats know a way to override the gene. And if they can do it, maybe it can be reversed. Hmm …

      2. Yes, death feedback is rooted in genetic manipulation. But, perhaps there is an environmental component to the activation of the mechanism. OX513A, a modified strain of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, requires tetracycline to develop beyond the larval stage, making it a powerful mosquito control answer since the chemical isn’t available in the wild. What if the gene’s effects are triggered by the Temple and in general, the society’s conditioning? I recall Saki having a flashback with her attacking Head Priest Mushin and then succumbing to death feedback with his telling her to stop because she is hurting him. When Saki and the group were still children, they were shocked to hear about humans killing, raping, and committing other such acts, suggesting that they’ve been conditioned to not even consider the act of humans hurting other humans as something possible or if not that, something that is not desirable. The Ethics Committee also panicked when Maria and Mamoru set out on their own to live in the wilderness, which might have been a hint that there was indeed an environmental component to triggering the death feedback mechanism. If their future child were to not undergo the conditioning of typical members of society, perhaps the child’s death feedback gene would never become active and stay latent. This would mean that every infant that the queerats took in would become weapons and world conquest really wouldn’t be out of the question,

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