Robotics;Notes 20

Today I’m trying to catch up on a lot of shows, but I’m only writing about them if I feel like it. So far, SpaceBros with Mutta in the desert? Nah. The demon king in stocks giving epic speeches? I barely remember what the hell’s going on in that show. Then I watched Robotics;Notes 20, which has an epic speech of its own.

Guess which character is about to make an epic speech?
Guess which character is about to make an epic speech?

Last week we met the “real” (as he gets) Kimijima, alas, a smug, smirking villain, who’s mind-controlling some people including the girl who’s point a gun at the good guys. Actually, this doesn’t really seem like a problem. It’s dark, there’s, like, five people who can scramble away and get behind her. But instead we get Akiho’s epic speech. You know, thinking back on it I’m not even sure what it was about. It felt like a massive “Fuck You!” to the bad guys, but Mitchie manages zap it to all the other side characters in the story so we can have a mass gathering before the battle scene.

Yeah, that'd freak me out too.  No wonder Misaki went nuts.
Yeah, that’d freak me out too. No wonder Misaki went nuts.

When we aren’t watching Akiho make epic speeches or parrots do heroic things or Furugori bark perverted laughter we get a lot of Misaki’s nasty backstory. She kills Kimijima before he can inflict too much damage to that ship (I THINK that’s what happened) and he spends his virtual life breaking her down after that. Frankly, if I had to see that smirk on all the screens I came across I’d snap pretty quickly, myself. She manages to gain some moments of independence and does a very odd thing at the end to Sister Centipede, though I doubt she’s going to survive the series.

Just a sample of the 'rally together' scene's members.
Just a sample of the ‘rally together’ scene’s members.

But there was so much going on in this series recently that I had forgotten just what everyone was up to. Fortunately, we get a few quick infodumps by Nae and Gramps that set up what’s going on. They got to stop the bad guys from launching that big bomb when the storm ends. And for some reason that means they have to rebuild their gunvarrel robot (I thought it would be at the ruined exhibition center, but there’s another one in that hanger) almost overnight. Fortunately it comes time for the aforementioned scene where all the good guys come out at once, preferably with either twenty people, loads of trucks and cranes, or both, to lend support and get a few pithy lines in. Yeah, it’s a cliche, but if done right it can be moving. … I’ll give this on a C+.

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