Shin Sekai Yori 24, some rough notes and spoilers

Just some quick notes on Shin Sekai Yori 24. There’s only a couple of things to discuss, really.


First, Kiroumaru doesn’t betray Saki and Satorou. I was so sure that he would that I watched everything from that viewpoint and so was surprised over and over when he continued to bravely pull them away from gunfire, tell them when the fiend was coming or going, and talk about his old motives. It’s a brilliant twist for the story to have him admit that the reason he first came to Tokyo was to find WMDs to use against humanity. And his reasoning was sound. He didn’t deny that some of his people might have gone for genocide. But I’m willing to believe that his personal reason was detente. Now, if we could only figure out what his motives for helping them now are. It might be for bloody revenge against Kiroumaru. What else is there?


Plenty of other questions, too. Why the hell is Squealer down there in the shitty caves risking his own neck when he could be miles away and safe if he wanted to be? Right now it’s put him in an embarrassing position of being unable to move against the good guys because they might collapse the whole cave system. It’s possible that he’s the only one who can give the fiend orders, though that doesn’t really hold water since we’ve seen the fiend working on his own. Maybe he’s concerned about the psychothingy killing it off. And as for Saki’s decision, how many of us didn’t see something like that happening? You knew that the psychokiller wouldn’t be used (though they did an excellent job of leading us in that direction even after the vial was thrown, even using Saki’s flashback voice to set up what would have happened), and the epic “not being used” scene led to the episode’s best eye-candy. We knew it a couple of episodes ago when Saki first brought up the ridiculous notion that the fiend wasn’t one. And even though it gave us the current plotline and the powerful moment when Saki decides that Satorou, the last of her group, was too important to die, even as a noble sacrifice, it was still a recognizable red herring from miles away. Happily, now they have no salvation weapon pretense and we can get the Saki/non-fiend scene they’ve been promising for weeks. Though I wonder how the fiend’s going to react when he sees the woman who burned him?

5 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 24, some rough notes and spoilers

  1. Job well done from everyone working on the show. The preview had me convinced that Kiroumaru would betray them, but it was really referring to Squealer predicting which way the group would go, resulting in them playing into his hands.

    I did expect that Kiroumaru once came to find weapons of mass destruction, and at least that wasn’t incorrect. I think my opinion of him has actually increased after that. He has not yet lied directly to anyone’s faces as of now, and seems very, very trustworthy.

    1. When you first suggested that Kiroumaru might be acting treacherous I was hoping you were wrong, but you had nailed too many other plot points so I had to take your opinion seriously. Then it looked like you were right, and then we discovered the show was playing US! I mean, when a charactr up and says like Inue did that he doesn’t trust Kinoumaru, that usually means we can’t either.

      And the idea that he and his race also have a beef with humankind makes his current stance more realistic. And I hope that Saki (if she gets out of this, and I’m not sure she will) takes Kiroumaru’s beef seriously and make amends.

      1. Yeah, I hope that Saki makes amends with the queerats. As the new leader of her society, it would be in her best interests to give them their freedom so that they don’t start another war.

        And the remnant of Shun that is talking to Saki suggests that the child isn’t a Fiend. If that really is the case, it means that the dead feedback mechanism does indeed have a genetic AND environmental component. There is probably something in the conditioning/hypnosis process that activates the gene.

      2. Is Kiroumaru and his group actually queerats? They certainly don’t look like them. I also wonder what the reason was for breeding them like that.

        If the “fiend” (and the reason I use the term is because the show hasn’t given us another name for him) is getting his death-feedback triggered somehow, I wonder how. Maybe the mirror trick was a good start. A lot of interesting questions to answer in the final episode. I hope the show’s up to it.

      3. I believe that Kiroumaru and his group are indeed queerats. When referring to the foreign queerats in episode 7, Kiroumaru said that the foreign ones were an eyesore and that he found it shameful that they are part of the same race (or something along those lines).

        I wonder about whether the Fiend will suffer from death feedback too. Either someone will deliver the finishing blow, or the death feedback will make the threat completely nulled in the future. I’m leaning toward death feedback not being the answer because of the Committee getting squeamish about Maria and Mamoru living in the wilderness. I think that suggests that it doesn’t matter if a child recognizes that he/she is a human, but that something would be missing to trigger the death feedback mechanism in the wilderness (An elaborate conditioning process?).

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