An early look at Red Data Girl

We got a peek at one of the spring season’s new shows: Red Data Girl. Very nice of them. Maybe they realized just how dismal the current anime season is. With two exceptions (Tamako and Sasami-San), the best shows are continuations from last season or they’re sequels. Everything else is derivative without being compelling (OreShura), so cluttered with events that you get lost (that demon king show that I can’t remember the name of), or just plain bad. … Well, Kotoura-San has its good points. So I’m grateful for a look at a fresh, new show. And after one episode … hmmm … maybe.

Our heroine, sans glasses.
Meet Izumiko, sans glasses.

We get a mousy glasses-girl named Izumiko who lives a sheltered existence at a rural shrine. She gets a ride to school every day, immediately suggesting that she is special in some way, even if she insists that she is less than ordinary. At school she has a couple of friends and people who’d bully her if they had a chance, like a lot of schoolkids. If not for the chauffeur, oh, and those scientific tests, we’d think there was nothing strange about her at all. Then she visits the computer lab.

Izumiko visits the computer lab.
Izumiko visits the computer lab.

After a surreal plunge underwater and a surprise video chat with her father on a machine that shouldn’t be able to do that, and all the lab computers going dead, we get an inkling of what she’s capable of. So do some other people, apparently, since a helicopter almost immediately touches down containing a guy named Sagara (whom Izumiko knows), who takes her back home, where we meet Sagara’s son, Miyuki, a tool of a boy. And here’s where the show gets less interesting.

Izumiko has to put up with this idiot for the rest of her life.
Izumiko has to put up with this guy for the rest of her life.

Ten years ago Miyuki used to bully Izumiko and he’s not much better now. But he’s sworn to protect her until death and has to transfer away from fun Tokyo to do it. This means he unleashes a lot of spite on Izumiko, about how she’s never done anything for herself and how much he hates people like that. Poor Izumiko just curls into a insecure ball every time he does. She’s not the most inspiring heroine I’ve come across … I know the show will be about her getting a backbone, but I don’t know if I have the patience for that. Also, the OP contains a number of young male characters, meaning this will probably be a reverse harem. We’ve only met one other so far: Wamiya, the only boy in school who’s not a dick to her. I guess we’ll get the rest, episode by episode. The writing goes from not-bad setup material to longer exposition bits that don’t want to give us too much information, though when they do, e.g., Sagara is a warrior monk, I am underwhelmed by the revelations. I can’t say too much about the animation since the file isn’t very high quality; that can wait until the season actually begins. But apart from some good moments like the computer lab scene, this episode didn’t do much for me.

3 thoughts on “An early look at Red Data Girl

  1. Just wondering if you had read any background on the story? In particular, the fact that it is based on Shinto legends in a modern world setting. The revelation that Sagara is a “Warrior Monk” is a bit more important than you seem to give it credit for. Also, the show is based on a light novel series, but the manga adaptation is in Shounen Ace magazine, so it is highly unlikely that it is a reverse harem! Not many of those in shounen mags.

  2. I’m sure “warrior monk” is significant. And the fact it’s going to use legends is pretty clear, but it’s not a reason to watch. It’s certainly not the first anime to mix such things with a modern setting.

    I hope I’m wrong about the reverse harem, but OP had a lot of shots of different boys, each with different attributes, and that makes me worry. On the other hand, the ads have shown a number of girls, too. Nothing wrong with reverse harems; I’ve just never encountered one I enjoyed.

    1. Here are the characters in the OP other than Izumiko:
      Miyuki and his “dad” Yukimasa – both boys, one the main character, the other an adult.
      Mayura and Masumi – both girls
      Manatsu and Tabi – a boy and a horse
      Wamiya – a boy
      Takayanagi – a boy, but
      Hodoka and Honoka – a boy and a girl, and Hodoka looks quite a bit older than the other boys, though I guess he could be a sempai or something.

      So, if you discount the adult in the mix you have 5 boys and 4 girls, including the MC. Seems pretty even…

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