Just what the season needs: Girls und Panzer 11

A three month wait for another Girls und Panzer, and I can’t believe how much I missed it.


The show’s weakness is the personal stuff they put in to try and make the characters more sympathetic, but there’s none of that here, well, apart from the fact that Miho’s battling her sister, and the school closing down if they fail. Apart from a line here and there these things aren’t touched on at all. Instead we get the show’s strength, an episode-long battle, and it isn’t over yet!


And I say that even though the battle scenes are predicable, up and down affairs. You can tell by the music when a counterattack is imminent. This one is no exception. It starts out dire for the heroes, but Miho pulls them (almost literally) out of their predicament and places them on a hill (marked on her topographic map with a smiley bear, such is the nature of this show), whereupon they execute some smokescreen razzle-dazzle and throw the by-the-book enemy into chaos. You really thought Miho would go down without a fight, Maho?

No tank left behind.
No tank left behind.

And before the Maus shows up and ruins everything, the battle seems to stand still as Miho refuses to abandon a tank that’s stalled in a river. It’s a dangerous and potentially costly thing to do, but I guess the show had to make certain before the final episode to remind us why everyone follows Miho. My guess it that it will pay off some time in the finale. Hell, it better pay off quick. That damn Maus that the other team produces out of nowhere (no one mentions it beforehand) looks invincible. Great fun all around. Just what we need to liven up this dismal season.

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